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Do you struggle with relieving your anxiety? Between breathing techniques and trying a prescription from the doctor, it doesn’t seem like enough to treat the problem. It’s one of those problems that affects so many and can last a lifetime, but there are several great ways to treat it completely naturally.

If you feel an anxiety attack coming on or are going through something that is triggering the anxiety more than normal, having these alternatives at your disposal can make a world of difference. From the food you eat to the activities you do, here is a look at a few methods for treating your anxiety and bringing yourself back to a healthy balance again.

Exercising and Vitamin D

This one may be obvious, but remembering to get exercise is a great way to cure your anxiety. It may sound like the polar opposite of a relaxing, anxious-free activity, but exercise actually releases endorphins and helps to elevate your mood.

When you feel anxious or depressed, getting something exercise in your system will actually help your brain cope with these issues. Choose a favorite activity like dance, jogging, or Zumba to get yourself moving and smiling again.

A great way to have two aids working on your side at once is to choose to exercise outdoors. When you get some natural sunlight, your mood will increase from the Vitamin D exposure. Perhaps a walk in the park is all you need to calm down, or spending your weekend hiking with a friend or a dog. These will be great ways to regulate your mood, fight your anxiety, and alter your mind with positivity and a working memory.

What are you eating?

The next thing to look at is your diet. The things you put into your body will have a huge influence on your anxiety. Be sure to include more omega-3’s into your day because these work directly with the function of your serotonin, or the area of your body that is correlated with anxiety.

By eating more omega-3’s like chia seeds, fresh salmon, and walnuts, you can lower your adrenaline and cortisol, calming your body down from anxiety. Help your serotonin and lower your adrenaline and cortisol by choosing omega-3’s throughout the day.

Speaking of things you consume, you can benefit greatly from choosing chamomile tea to drink today too. Chamomile is known for soothing going back to the days of ancient Egypt, and today it is liked to decreasing anxiety. It also works to protect you from cancer, to boost your immune system, and to improve your cardiovascular system. You can also take it in capsule form, but the tea offers great benefits.

Visit the chiropractor

One problem you could be struggling with is that your body is not functioning at its best potential. Even if you are eating and drinking everything right, your body may need adjustments to keep all of its systems functioning well. Be sure to get regular adjustments to feel better and reduce anxiety from tense areas you are carrying around every day.

Incorporate lavender

Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate more lavender into your day. This is a naturally healing scent often used in essential oils, soaps, candles, and even foods. Get a massage using lavender oils or spray some lavender oil onto your pillow for a sleep aid and relaxation of the nervous system. It’s the perfect way to calm down during a bath or when going to sleep.

Don’t let anxiety run your life anymore. Use these tricks to cure your anxiety and bring your levels back to a health balance again.