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Have you ever heard things about Chiropractors that made you think twice about seeing one? There are some myths out there that cause caution to people that considered visiting a chiropractor that now are missing out on the health benefits. Some people think chiropractors just simply aren’t real doctors and that chiropractic care is dangerous. Others think that they can it themselves or that the treatment wouldn’t do any good for their health problems. Here’s a closer look at the common chiropractor myths and then a fact check to make sure you know why these things simply aren’t true.

It’s too expensive to see a chiropractor

One of the common myths of Chiropractors is that people think a chiropractic visit to too expensive and not affordable unless you’re an athlete. They think that it’s not care available to just anyone even though most insurance plans actually cover chiropractic in their coverage. In reality, chiropractors are meant to be for everyone because they offer so many health benefits that everyone needs, not just athletes.

You can’t stop going once you start

Another myth is that once you start getting care you can’t ever stop going. In truth, chiropractic care is an individualized treatment plan and everyone will need different levels of care. Depending on your health and care needs, you may need weekly treatment or temporary treatment until something is corrected.

Chiropractic care is typically used for pain relief, correcting an abnormality, or for wellness and general maintenance. It’s great to go regularly to prevent injury and keep your health in check, but if you are visiting after a car accident or from an issue like scoliosis, you may only need to go until that issue is resolved with minor follow-up in the future. In most cases, people go back because of the health benefits and the results they get, not because they have to.

It’s unnecessary

Other people think that it’s not necessary to seek chiropractic care because they can crack their own back or that a chiropractor is never going to fix their body’s issues. Chiropractic care puts on a force applied specifically to get results safely and is not something you should try to do yourself. In addition, chiropractors work on more than just back pain; they can also help with spine misalignment and nervous system function, the areas that affect the body the most.

They aren’t real doctors

If you don’t trust chiropractors because you don’t think they are real doctors, take a look at the educational requirements involved in becoming one. Chiropractors actually require around 400 hours more of classroom work than regular physicians, taking a closer look at things like anatomy, nutrition, and physiology.

It’s actually dangerous

Lastly, if you fear going to the chiropractor because you think the adjustments are dangerous, realize that chiropractic care is actually the safer therapy option compared to a prescription or surgery. It’s a gentle therapy that requires no drugs or intrusive treatments, but rather uses adjustments and exercise to relieve pain and optimize body function. There is a much higher risk to anti-inflammatory drugs and prescription medicines.

You’ve probably heard these myths or worried about them yourself. Don’t allow these common chiropractic myths worry you from seeking the health benefits of chiropractic treatment. These are the truths behind these common myths.