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One of the reasons everybody dreads the winter season is that it typically means that flu season is upon us. You might be seeing ads suggesting you to get your flu shot and that is because we are at the right time of year where the flu is on everyone’s mind. It can ruin holidays, keep you from work, and cause you to be homebound missing important events or obligations.

The good news is that you can get your body ready for flu season now in order to increase your chances of avoiding the flu this season. By prepping your boy, your immune system will have a fighting chance to avoid the flu. Check out these tricks for getting yourself ready for flu season.

Increase your fluids

Treat your body as if it’s already sick in order to start giving it what it would need if it were sick. That means it’s time to drink plenty of fluids and make this a priority once and for all. It’s a tough time to remember to drink your fluids when the weather is chilly rather than a constant remind in the hot summer sun, but it’s all the more important. The winter is a time of dry air and people tend to forget to hydrate.

Your body’s immune system and mucous membranes will thank you when you remember to hydrate, especially to optimize your mouth, nose, and ears’ mucous membranes. Throw in herbal teas and avoid fruit juices when you need a break from water.

Watch the sugar

Speaking of avoiding sugary drinks, you’ll also want to avoid simple sugars like white flour. Sweets are so common during the winter months and it’s easy for them to suppress your immune system which increases your chances of catching the flu.

Increase certain spices

By adding some spices and veggies into your week, you can help your immune system too. Choose herbs like oregano and turmeric for their antimicrobial properties, as well as ginger, onion, and garlic to add to your dishes, soups, and sauces.


Just like any time of year, exercise is a great way to keep your body strong, but it’s extra important if you want to boost your immune system. The physical movement will increase your blood’s circulation and oxygen, as well as eliminate metabolic wastes. Just add 30 minutes of exercise a day and you’ll help your body prep for flu season.

Prep the home

Lastly, find ways to fight off the cold around your house. Start washing your hands more and doing a daily nasal saline flush to keep your mucous membranes moist. Watch the heat in your home since that could dry out those mucous membranes. Keep your fridge stocked with vegetables high in vitamins A and C, and prep some delicious soups and dishes that you can reheat when you want to boost your immune system.

You can get your body ready for flu season and significantly increase your chances of avoiding catching the flu, even without a flu shot. Be sure to talk to us about getting regular adjustments this season as it will help your body perform at its optimal capacity, keeping your immune system and all functions in check.