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When you go to the chiropractor for an adjustment, you’ll often be instructed to do some stretches or exercises related to the issue you went in for in-between visits. Whether you have an injury you are trying to heal or your spine becomes misaligned from daily activity, it’s important to see the chiropractor for adjustments and a closer look at how your body is functioning.

Since everything in the body is connected, having one thing off will affect everything else. Take a look at these four stretches you can do for back pain between chiropractic visits to help heal and relieve discomfort until your next appointment.

Lying knee to chest with twist

One easy way to stretch the body for back pain relief is to lay with your knee to your chest. Start by lying on your back and bring one leg from a straight out position towards your chest while the other remains straight out. Hold it there and then slowly bring the knee over your body to the other side where you’ll rest it on the floor. This can be extra effective if you form a T shape with your arms straight out.

This is great for working the chest, shoulders, piriformis muscles, and paraspinal muscles. Your abs will also benefit from the twisting because it awakens the digestive process and strengthens your core.

Hamstring stretch

Try the hamstring stretch if you want to benefit the hamstrings, lower back, and upper back. You can do this standing or sitting depending how flexible you are.  Simply stretch your legs to a straight position with a slight bend to protect your knees and tendons. Bend over the legs keeping the back straight reaching towards the toes without harming the back’s strength in order to do so.

Make this extra effective by doing it in a standing position so that the blood flow to the head can improve circulation.

Child’s pose

You may have seen this pose done in yoga. The child’s pose or resting pose is a great one for simple stress relief and relaxation. It’ll be conducive to your entire back, your hips, and your shoulders.

Get on the floor for this one with a yoga mat and start with your knees on the floor either together or spread apart underneath you. Fold over the legs and stretch your arms in front of you. You’ll want to reach your hands forward as your tailbone is stretching backwards to open the hips and lengthen the spine.

Piriformis seated stretch

Lastly, do the Piriformis seated stretch to help with your pirifromis muscle, lower back, and thighs. It’s a great way to improve your posture too. You’ll simple start with a seated position and cross your leg over the other while the lower one continues to lie down. Keep the lower one tucked under the opposite hip while your top leg keeps your knee pointed upwards and the foot placed next to the thigh. Your arm will go around the top leg pulling inward to stretch your top leg, all while sitting straight up.

You can maintain your adjustments and seek pain relief for your back between appointments by using these four stretches regularly.