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A couple of weeks ago my wife got sick.  I mean this was the worst cold she’s had in about eight years – sneezing, heavy-duty dry cough, the whole nine.  About a week later my son got sick, too.  Poor little guy got it bad, with fever, even a double ear infection.


I had to step up.  So I double-dosed my USANA vitamins to keep the ol’ immune system a-humming and took on some additional parenting duties.  Add to that I skipped a few lunches to do some outreach here in the community.  It was tiring, but fulfilling. Next, I had to cancel a bunch of patients. Ok, some adapting needed but we’re still in the “green zone”.


It all came to a head last Wednesday morning.  I was trying to give my son his ear drops, something he wanted no part of.  Those two screaming hours to get less than 60% of his dosage into him were the anvil that finally broke the camel’s back. That was HARD. I got so upset. I always feel so guilty for raising my voice around him.  And I hate that helpless feeling when it seems like I just can’t “win” with him, or compromise.  Any parent knows how frustrating it can be. But it’s not just parenting that does it…


Maybe you snapped at someone you love and regretted it later. It could be you’re just tired of rushing everywhere constantly. Or, someone cut you off in traffic and you got reaaaaally angry. These are the kinds of “little” stressors we face on a daily basis.  And that emotional stress expresses itself physically.


We feel it in our bodies.  Each one is an attack on your nervous system. My mini-meltdown that day was a great reminder of why I’m so passionate about what I do, and how my work is in helping you reverse the effects of these marauders. You see, the pain, fatigue, poor digestion and sleep issues that are typical of a nervous system under siege can be cured with a simple commitment to regular care.  With the gentle and lower-force adjusting techniques I use, we can nudge your nervous system to let go of stress so you function at your best again.


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For all these reasons, I want to use a gentle-and- lower-force-nudge to encourage you to book a consultation (for new patients), or a follow-up if it’s been a while. That’s why I recommend USANA vitamins that allowed me to withstand the germ warfare that invaded my home last week. If you find yourself susceptible to colds, it could be a micronutrient deficiency.


We’ll get your stress and your immunity taken care of in one shot. 🙂

Sincerely in Health,


Dr. Josh


P.S.  If you’re busy like me, you’ll be tempted to think you don’t have time and put this off.  Don’t.  Instead, consider how much time and productivity it costs you to not be at your best.