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There’s an old joke that goes:

“When I was going through [insert life event here] I slept like a baby…I woke up every two hours and cried.”

Today’s tips are true to the spirit of the saying, thankfully.

Good sleep sows the seeds of good health.  It even leads to better food choices (appetite, cravings, and willpower are all shaped by your quality of sleep).

Yet, sleep problems are amongst the top complaints I hear with new patients.

Ok, enough suspense.


Here are 4 tips to help you sleep better:

  1. Wake up at the same time every morning. If there’s one thing I’m synonymous with, it’s rhythm. Ok, maybe not.  But in this case I mean your circadian rhythm.  It’s almost impossible to foster good sleeping patterns without routine.  It doesn’t matter so much what time you go to bed, but waking at the same time every day is mandatory.

As a bonus, the systems in the brain that mediate negative emotions are tied to the well-oiled function of your circadian rhythm.  Rising like clockwork can also help you get a handle on stress and anxiety.


  1. Meditate. As more studies pile on each other confirming the benefits of meditation, it’s becoming harder to ignore as an essential health habit. No less powerful is its impact on sleep.

There are apps that help you meditate, but really it’s putting aside 15-20 minutes per day to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and just be – while focusing on your breath.


  1. Cut back on caffeine/alcohol. People tend to get territorial about their coffee and wine. And indeed these are lovely things – in moderation.  But the fact is even if you aren’t feeling their effects, both prevent you from reaching the deeper stages of sleep.

I recommend no caffeine for 10 hours before bed (you read that correctly, 10!), and no alcohol 3 hours before.


  1. Work on posture and movement. This last one might be a bit a curve ball. You won’t find it in most “sleep better” lists.  But poor posture puts pressure on your organs and hinders your breathing – both things that make it harder to get a good night’s rest.

Fluid movement also makes it easier and more fun to be active.  And being active and exercising, almost more than anything, leads to great zzzz’s.


The gentle adjusting techniques I use help your body to recover its alignment.  It’s one reason most of my patients report being able to sleep better almost right away.


But my other “secret weapon” against bad sleep is The Align Right Pillow.

Designed to help those with sleep problems, it also…

*Reduces neck pain and headaches

**Helps with snoring, and tossing and turning

***Allows you to enter a deep sleep so the body can heal

****Supports you in your alignment and preferred sleeping position


I’ve been sleeping on this cushiony dream for 14+ years and it travels with me everywhere! I love this. I can’t wait for you to remember how amazing it feels to get a good night’s rest. Find out more here


Until next time…sleep well.

Dr. Josh