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Forgive me if I haven’t yet shared something personal with you.

I’ve been talking about it for a little while now…and it’s good news…

The wife and I are expecting baby number two! 🙂


With that in mind, here’s a quick “pregnancy care” note:

Pregnancy, as beautiful as it is, can be a lot of stress on the body.  My wife’s friend commented it can be harder than what marathoners who do 2-3 races in a weekend go through.  My wife’s doing fine, thanks.  But it’s a great reminder (1) to support your spouse, and…

(2) Even just 10-20 pounds of gradual baby belly shift can impact the spine in a big way.

Any change like that is relevant to your health and how well your body functions.  This obviously can create pain in parts the body as well. And many people don’t realize chiropractic is not only safe but recommended for pregnancy.

As an aside, New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady (who won the Superbowl this year at age 41) credits chiropractic as one of his “secret weapons” against injuries.  And his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen also used chiropractic during her pregnancies.

Fun fact.

Alright, back to regularly scheduled programming.

My wife recovered very fast from her first pregnancy with multiple and small delicate adjustments…a few other patients recently had easy, smooth deliveries as the babies came during their 1st year of care…and one long-time patient’s pregnancy was a breach; we used the Webster technique and the baby turned before delivery.

(Full disclosure: in other similar cases the same approach didn’t work.)

The benefits of regular adjustments throughout the term range from easier delivery, to less pain and feeling stronger during the pregnancy, to shorter recovery time post pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a big deal.  Treat it as such.  Work on staying strong (and watch for any weird movement patterns that could come back to haunt you later).  Make you and your health the priority…and you’ll be repaid with the best possible outcome, and bounce back faster post-baby.

Sincerely In Health,

Dr. Josh