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In 1927, R. W. Stephenson wrote The Chiropractic Text Book. This text included the entire learning program, from freshman to senior year, for chiropractic study.  Since back and neck pain are the two most common reasons people choose chiropractic, how many times do you think back pain would be found in the index?

Keep in mind this is the complete chiropractic text at over 414 pages long.

What’s your guess?

50 times?


Every page?

The answer is [drum roll please]…

Not even ONCE.

And the reason it’s not listed is because chiropractic was founded on principles of healing and well-being, not back or neck pain. Chiropractic was never intended to be a treatment of back or neck pain. It was intended to restore health and wellness.

If you watch the patient interviews on my site, you’ll notice an interesting theme.  So many of them say things like:


“I came to Dr.Josh for chronic hip pain.  Now, not only is my hip better but breathing is easier.”

“Dr. Josh has been helping me with injuries from a car accident.  And unexpectedly my digestive issues cleared up.”

“I first sought Dr.Josh’s help for neck pain.  These days my neck pain is under control, but I also feel like I have a secret ‘edge’ and perform better at my job.”


There’s a basic underlying reason for this.  Your nervous system is your body’s command center for healing.  When you restore its function…well, you heal better.  Everywhere.  But not only that, your health improves too (this is your body’s preferred state).  My example above is proof that chiropractic has focused on wellness principles for over 100 years.

Bottom line:

Focusing on pain only brings more pain.

Focus on getting well

And your body will repay you by toning down (or getting rid of) pain.

(And boosting immunity…and letting you sleep better…and giving you more energy…and controlling stress…and making you feel happier…and on and on…)

Good food for thought.

If you have any friends or family members you think would benefit from more health and healing, please send along this message.  It would be my sincere pleasure to help any way I can.  As you know, I love helping my patients get WELL.

Sincerely In Health,

Dr. Josh

P.S. Watch this brief 2-minute video to hear how one patient came to us with numbness and tingling and got more than she expected: