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Happy New Year!

Today’s tip is simple and straightforward, the way I like it.

Hormones dictate how we feel.  The amount of confidence, joy, energy, and connection with other humans you experience are all tied to your hormonal well-being.

And how you eat is a big factor in your hormonal health.

You can effectively change the person you are…become happier, stronger, more motivated, more loving…simply by eating better.

If you want more out of 2020 – start there.

Sound obvious?  Perhaps.  But here’s something else to think about: this is not only about choosing healthy options.  For instance, did you know prescription drugs are involved in over half of all cases of hormonal dysfunction?  This means you could eat better and still not see results.  Hormones tell your body what to do with your food.

In that way, they have more impact than calories alone.

Eating well is only one piece of the puzzle.

Regular adjustments also support healthy hormone function.

Here’s how:

*The brain controls the endocrine system.

*The brain and nervous system coordinates your body’s response to stressors on both rapid and long-term time scales by regulating hormones.  NOTE: This can include a metabolic response (i.e. increased mobilization of fats and/or sugars).  In other words, a healthy nervous system will help your body better use the energy from your food, instead of storing it.

*Proper nerve signaling in the your body is the key to psychological, emotional, immune and hormonal health

This makes anything you do fitness and diet wise produce better results.

So be sure you’re getting adjusted – the more research I dig into, the more I get to value the impact of what I LOVE to do for you and everyone else!

Think of this as a nudge to start your year the right way; by feeling healthier!

There you have it: solid advice in just 301 words.

My wife will be happy – she likes it when I get to the point!

Wishing You Health, Happiness & Success in 2020,

Dr. Josh