I haven’t done a kids’ health topic for a while. And with most kids being back in school, I thought it timely to mention a few tips on immune system boosting in the younger generation. These tips will not only help protect kids against the present threat but are also great for preventing seasonal sniffles and coughs that would keep them out of school. Alright, enough build up. Here they are:

1. Vitamin D and C

Fruits and veggies are kids’ easiest and best sources of the amazing immunity nutrient that is vitamin C. Making sure kids get C from healthy meals and snacks is ideal, but supplements can be helpful when dealing with a picky eater.  That said, Hayden gets Usana chewables every morning, while Beverly gets a liquid from Genestra added to her first 2 milk bottles of the day; for the extra picky kiddo, vitamin gummies are a great way to go. Also, there’s an overwhelming body of proof that your immune system simply can’t do its job without adequate vitamin D levels. For kids, vitamin D drops can be a boon – especially during the winter months.

2. Probiotics.

Probiotics encourage the growth of good gut bacteria that fight off bad bacteria and other invaders, a key player in kids’ (and adults) immunity.
Yoghurts are a terrific source of probiotics. An even better option is organic kefir. Also, with today’s over-sanitation and the high rate of births by C-section (a major cause of gut microbe imbalances), giving kids a powdered (or liquid drop) probiotic supplement is a great way boost gut health.

3. Zinc.

According to researchers, zinc is one of the most important nutrients for cold/flu/virus resistance in kids. Your best sources are lean meats and eggs (or legumes, if looking for a vegetarian option).
Nuts and seeds make a great nutritious snack and are also high in zinc (and omega 3’s, another immune system helper).

4. Deep breathing and meditation.

“Meditation for kids?” you ask…absolutely! One key is minimizing kids’ stress (just as it is for adults). Something which is doubly necessary these days. Deep breathing exercises and meditation can help.
A colleague shared this guided meditation which his 8-year old daughter listens to before bed to help her sleep (she loves it!): https://youtu.be/J2pCDbisNv4 . And there are hundreds more to be found on the “wonderful” invention that is YouTube. 😊

Finally, since the vertebral column and nervous system is the master controller for every organ, tissue, and cell, maintaining a healthy spine is crucial. Many people wonder:

“what could kids have wrong with their spine that they’d need to visit a chiropractor?”

Aside from birth traumas (topic for another time) kids lead active lives. Think of how many times they trip, slip, or fall…or carry an oversized, heavy backpack to school.
The truth is kids are never too young to see a chiropractor. Anything from frequent ear infections and colds, to headaches, irregular sleep, or breathing issues could be symptoms of subluxations in their spinal vertebrae. Adjustments are 100% SAFE for kids too, as they’re tailored to the age and size of the patient. I’ll admit, Hayden’s entered the fickle stage – but LOVED when I used the Accustim on him last time – he was laughing!

This week: If you have kids, and you’d like help to make sure they stay as healthy as possible during this time, call the clinic at (416) 967-4466 to get a complimentary assessment while spots last. And if you don’t have kids, I’d appreciate it if you’d think of any families you know that could benefit from this message, and forward it along. You never know whose life you might change! That does it for this week.

Until next time…be well!

Dr. Josh

“My entire family is under care, from my husband to my 4 kids – my youngest Dausyn is 10 months old as I write this; his regular adjustments have kept his digestive system working better, and his breathing from sounding like “Darth Vader”. We are totally a chiropractic family!” – Margaret V.