In the “react and respond” health environment we live in, more people are becoming proactive (vs. reactive) about wellness. They’re turning to chiropractic, meditation, nutrition, yoga and exercise to improve their health. Why are they making this shift?

Because they intuitively know wellness is more than the absence of disease. Wellness is an expression of your highest potential as a human being. When you’re at your peak mentally, physically, chemically and spiritually, the possibilities are endless! Wellness is more than just reacting to problems and illness. It’s about “right and wrong.” Rather than focus on what’s ‘wrong’ with you or what could go wrong, wellness is a decision to put your attention on what can go right.

It comes down to knowing how you want to feel and developing that potential. And it means taking active responsibility for your lifestyle and building in these 6 Key Wellness Habits:

1. Responsibility: “It is up to me to take responsibility for my state of wellness and happiness.”
2. Journey: “There’s no endpoint to wellness, I can always grow to another level. It’s a process.”
3. Choice: “The choices I make today will determine how I feel tomorrow.”
4. Balance: “I integrate my mind, body and spirit into my wellness lifestyle.”
5. Innate Expression: “There are no limits to my wellness as long as I allow my innate wisdom to guide, adapt, and express itself in my experience. And this can only happen with a nervous system free from interference.”
6. Action: “I start TODAY and make each day better than the last.”

I admit…I had to take a hard look in the mirror recently and face the truth: in the last few years I’ve slipped in some of the above habits. Parenting TWO has certainly felt exponentially more than ONE (which I know will change, hahaha) Since then, I’ve slowly and steadily made changes to my own life that are already helping me feel better… with new solutions presenting themselves as a result!

It’s truly exciting – care to join? 😊

I maintain my belief that most of us have no idea how it feels to be truly healthy. That wellness potential, in most of us, remains untapped. If the above resonates, I’d love to hear your story. Share an example of a time you applied one of the above habits and what happened for you in your life! And if there’s anything I can do to help you on your wellness journey, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Until next time…

Be Well.

Dr. Josh