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Chiropractic Care for Individuals with ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Depression


It is critical for chiropractors to approach the growing number of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities and depression cases in order to restore and correct subluxations for optimal health. Chiropractors are working hard to gain knowledge from epidemiological research in order to apply to clinical recommendations when treating individuals who suffer from mental disorders. Ultimately, chiropractic case studies hold a critical place in reducing mortality from disease process through interventions. A case study of an 8 year old boy who suffers from ADHD and learning disorder experienced significant improvement from subluxation based chiropractic care. Since medications appeared to negatively [...]

Chiropractic Care for Individuals with ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Depression2018-01-17T15:39:16-05:00

Are the Brain and Gut Connected?


Is it possible that your gut and your brain could have any connection to one another? They may have more of a connection than you may have thought. Right now Parkinson’s Disease, a movement disorder, has been found to have origins in the gut. This discovery has led to more evidence supporting that connection between your gut and your brain. take a closer look that the connections between the two and what’s being studied. Scientists and medical professionals agree Your central nervous system, the system in which your brain and spinal cord are comprised, as well as the gut, are strongly [...]

Are the Brain and Gut Connected?2018-01-10T20:08:22-05:00

How to Lessen Anxiety Naturally


Do you struggle with relieving your anxiety? Between breathing techniques and trying a prescription from the doctor, it doesn’t seem like enough to treat the problem. It’s one of those problems that affects so many and can last a lifetime, but there are several great ways to treat it completely naturally. If you feel an anxiety attack coming on or are going through something that is triggering the anxiety more than normal, having these alternatives at your disposal can make a world of difference. From the food you eat to the activities you do, here is a look at a few [...]

How to Lessen Anxiety Naturally2018-01-03T16:29:46-05:00

Top 5 Ways to Manage Your Stress


Stress management is always a difficult task for many. There are so many pressures in life to excel at your career, be there for your family, stay healthy, and to enjoy yourself despite all of the pressure. All of this is possible with the right tools under your belt to maintain all of these daily and weekly goals. Even when work has you overwhelmed, your children need all of your free time, and you feel there is no room for healthy eating and exercise, there are some important ways to manage your stress that will make all areas of your life [...]

Top 5 Ways to Manage Your Stress2017-12-22T01:27:28-05:00

Never Call in Sick to the Chiropractor


Have you caught a bug and you’re thinking about cancelling your chiropractic visit? Don’t call in sick to this appointment like you would for school or work. You chiropractor is one person you’ll definitely want to see while you’re sick because you can get the adjustment you need to heel faster and receive a more natural treatment. This is due to the link between the nervous system and the immune system that is working in overdrive right now. Take a look at why you should never call in sick to the chiropractor. Go even if you’re contagious Talk to your chiropractor [...]

Never Call in Sick to the Chiropractor2017-12-18T15:25:23-05:00

Sleeping can Take Your Breath Away…Literally – Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Chiropractic


Many individuals experience breathing difficulties during sleep. Such difficulties may include snoring, choking, or a form of sleep apnea. Of particular interest in today’s article is a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which causes abnormal pauses in breathing that are typically the result of obstruction of the upper airway. Some symptoms of OSA include excessive daytime sleepiness, unrefreshed sleep, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue. In addition, several factors increase one’s risk of developing OSA such as obesity, male gender, age, family history, menopause, craniofacial abnormalities, smoking, alcohol use, and more. Moderate and severe cases of OSA are typically treated with the use of [...]

Sleeping can Take Your Breath Away…Literally – Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Chiropractic2017-11-29T20:46:09-05:00

Plantar Fasciitis – How Chiropractic can Help!


Over 2 million Americans suffer from a condition known as plantar fasciitis. The cause continues to be debated, although it said to be associated with inflammation of the plantar fascia and/or the result of degenerative changes in the connective tissue around a bone in the foot called the calcaneus (heel). Some of the contributing factors include: improper footwear, obesity, extensive standing, walking, and running in addition to other anatomical and biomechanical factors. With so many people being affected by this disorder it is imperative that effective treatments are available. For example, evidence suggests that chiropractic care can provide great relief for patients. Case [...]

Plantar Fasciitis – How Chiropractic can Help!2017-11-23T19:12:49-05:00

Vision Loss After Surgery and How Chiropractic Can Help


Postoperative vision loss (POVL) is a rare condition that typically occurs as a result of spine or cardiac surgery. Take the following studies into consideration: One study revealed that out of 3,450 surgeries, seven cases resulted in POVL. Similarly, another study reported 6 cases out of 14,102 surgeries that were associated with visual impairment post-surgery. Although this his data supports the low incidence rate POVL, it fails to address the need for solutions/treatments for these individuals. There are 5 types of POVL that are known as external ocular injury; cortical blindness; retinal ischemia; ischemic optic neuropathy; and acute glaucoma. To date, treatment options largely depend [...]

Vision Loss After Surgery and How Chiropractic Can Help2017-11-08T20:23:52-05:00

Can you Treat Fibromyalgia with Chiropractic Care?


Have you ever wondered if there was another way to treat your fibromyalgia other than with pharmaceuticals? You may not have known that your chiropractor is actually a great treatment provider for this condition. This musculoskeletal disorder affects your whole body and it can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Instead of typical and invasive treatment options, you can go with a safe, non-invasive, alternative option like chiropractic care. Whether you already see a chiropractor and never thought to seek treatment for your fibromyalgia that way, or you’ve never been to one, schedule your next appointment to take care of your [...]

Can you Treat Fibromyalgia with Chiropractic Care?2017-11-02T14:47:13-04:00

Can a Lack of Vitamin C & Too Much Sugar Cause a Cold?


You’ve likely heard it before; Vitamin C is the best medicine during a cold, along with a lot of rest and liquids. The question is, why is Vitamin C the automatic go-to suggestion for someone suffering from a cold? It turns out that the lack of Vitamin C could contribute to causing a cold in the first place. In addition, scientists are learning that excessive sugar in your diet could make you more immune to catching a cold as well. You may notice that kids start getting sick right after Halloween and Christmas when candy eating has been at an all-time [...]

Can a Lack of Vitamin C & Too Much Sugar Cause a Cold?2017-10-25T17:13:15-04:00
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