Author Norman Cousins famously wrote about how he beat cancer with a steady diet of humorous videos.  Never forget – laughter has amazing power to heal, especially in trying times.  Let this cartoon be a small reminder to find ways to laugh today!

Short and sweet today. What if I told you that by taking one simple nutrient you can…

*Reduce inflammation and pain
*Release body fat
*Boost your body’s natural immune response
*Lubricate joints so you move more freely
*Feed brain cell membranes and protect your mind
*Improve skin, hair and nails for a more youthful appearance

Would you want to know more?

This vital nutrient is none other than omega 3 fatty acids. As a species, we’ve consumed these essential fats for thousands of years. However, they are generally lacking in our modern diet. Scientists estimate there was about 7,000mg of omega 3’s per day in our ancient diet, yet today the average is less than a fifth of that. We tend to consume a diet higher in Omega-6 fatty acids (through carbs), so a balance with 3’s is key.

It’s not hard to see why restoring this key nutrient to healthy levels could make a big impact. Side note – turmeric has been touted to assist in reducing inflammation – I’ve been experimenting with both recently…but I tend to feel more impact with the Omega 3’s the longer I analyze differences.

If you’re not currently taking this supplement, it can be a great complement to any health program, even regular chiropractic care. Your best sources include nuts and seeds, flax seed oil, fish, fish oil, and krill oil. In fact, we do also offer the Usana version Biomega as well.
If you have any questions, reply and ask away!

Alright, I promised to keep things short.

Just before I sign off, please note that the most recent lockdown measures do NOT affect the clinic as we fall under healthcare services. So, we will remain open per our usual clinic hours and safety/sanitation protocols.

Until next time…remember…nourish your soul with plenty of laughter…and your body with adequate omega 3 intake!


Dr. Josh

“I have been seeing Dr. Gelber for about 3 months and have seen significant improvements in my back and neck pain with less occurrences. In addition, my concentration and focus has also improved significantly.” – Teresa N.