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There’s an old joke that goes: “When I was going through [insert life event here] I slept like a baby…I woke up every two hours and cried.” Today’s tips are true to the spirit of the saying, thankfully. Good sleep sows the seeds of good health.  It even leads to better food choices (appetite, cravings, […]
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Some Background After 3 half-marathons in the span of 1.5 years (2006-2007), I felt accomplished.  I had a great running partner, we pushed each other, and it was fun!  Circumstances led to a friendship ending and I was left without the same motivation to run consistently. Fast forward almost 3 years, and I was in […]
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When you go to the chiropractor for an adjustment, you’ll often be instructed to do some stretches or exercises related to the issue you went in for in-between visits. Whether you have an injury you are trying to heal or your spine becomes misaligned from daily activity, it’s important to see the chiropractor for adjustments […]
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