If you find yourself getting even the teensiest bit antsy (over VERY antsy) because you’re stuck working at home, here are a few simple ways to shake things up. I’ve taken some tips I heard about from a productivity coach and spiced them up by adding my own chiropractic spin to them.

And a quick reminder that we’ll be closed for the “original” March Break (15th-19th). My wife and I intend to take full advantage of daycare and school to daytrip for some tranquil hikes outside the city!

Without further preamble, here they are:

1. Change how you write your to-do list.

Working from home has moving parts to it. In many cases, family/home interruptions, changing work priorities, and the need to reschedule calls and meetings can make writing a daily to-do list too restrictive. If you’re hitting the proverbial wall, try shifting the way you write your to-do list from daily to weekly, as this gives you more wiggle room to move things around when needed.

2. Try a NEW work setup.

Adding candles, plants, or aromatic diffusers can spruce up your workspace – things you can’t always pull off in a communal work setting. Also, consider upgrading your screen, laptop, microphone, lighting, or headset. It’s an investment, but new tech can be a game-changer.
Mixing up the body mechanics is critical too. The nervous system needs variety. Sit, stand, shake things up a little. Your body (and brain) will respond!

I’ve watched time lapse videos & viewed pictures to help out, if we haven’t done this yet, let’s get on it!

3. Dress for success.

You’ve probably seen viral videos floating around of people caught on Zoom meetings in their pajama bottoms – or their underwear! And while it does feel cozy to dress down, if you find yourself in a rut, consider a wardrobe change.
Experts say dressing up to the occasion often helps you feel better about yourself and could even inspire new breakthroughs.

4. Experiment with different working hours. ️

What would happen if you worked for two hours upon rising, then took an hour to exercise, go for a run, or do some yoga, before having a shower and getting back to business? How would it feel to stop working an hour earlier than usual, and wrap things up after dinner?
Play around with different schedules to find your highest productivity zone.

5. Spice up your breaks.

When it’s break time, take full advantage of the private setting to stretch out on the floor, play your favorite instrument, or dance. You might find you see problems in a fresh light when you sit back at your desk.

Frequent breaks are also a great way to prevent neck stiffness. Check out my favorite neck stretches here.

Finally, give PLENTY of focus to your posture. A lot of pain and lethargy are simply the result of sitting hunched over a computer for too long. Check in with yourself often. Are you sitting up tall, or slouching? Even something as simple as doing a few “chin tucks” can help.

Well, there you have it.

Working from home will never be the same. 😉

If neck or back pain becomes chronic, we are standing by to help!

(NOTE: We are open per regular clinic hours and follow all the latest health and safety measures as outlined by Public Health, so it’s safe for you to visit. Any questions about this, let us know!)

Dr. Josh