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Great to hear you are ready to book now, just not a fan of online payments.


Here are a few basic details before you get scheduled:


In case you’ve been to a chiropractor (or a few) in the past, we do things a little differently here and want to make sure people choose a ‘best fit’ for their needs and desires; if you have never seen a chiropractor before, our process is a thorough one:


Our initial 2-visit fee is $120 – this includes a full spinal exam, state-of-the-art digital scans on your spine, your consultation with Dr Gelber, and a 2nd visit for your detailed Report is also part of the fee; x-rays are usually required, and we will prescribe them accordingly – OHIP covers this cost.  Dr. Gelber is a full-spectrum chiropractor, and while his focus is on the spine and its neurological connections, he can discuss and accordingly assess your extra-spinal concerns.


At the end of the 2nd visit/Report, care can start immediately, and will be confirmed when you and Dr. Gelber have come to a mutually agreed upon plan of care/action.  Individual adjustments are charged at $49.


Reminder, we do request a credit card number to reserve your first visit (taken over the phone & it won’t be charged).  You’ll receive a confirmation email which will include important details, links to our health history forms and more.


Please call us @ 416-967-4466 or fill out the form below to connect and we’ll get you scheduled.

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