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Based on your chiropractic assessment, there may be an indication for orthotic support to enhance your chiropractic care.  A thorough analysis with Footmaxx technology will help determine what is appropriate.

Custom Made Orthotics

Custom-made foot orthotics help to relieve the aches and discomfort from standing, walking or running. These thin devices correct misalignments in the foot and help support your spine. This improves your posture. It also helps to reduce stress on the joints and muscles of your legs, back and neck.

To create custom orthotics, we analyze the way you walk and assess how well your feet are functioning. Then we make an impression of each foot and discuss the orthotic that will work best for you.

Orthotics are made to slip into shoes you already own, or if you prefer, you can order brand-name shoes with the orthotics built right in.

To learn more about orthotics and how it may help you, please contact us here.

Non-Custom Orthotics

These devices are “ready-to-go” for those who simply have an unsupported foot, some over-pronation (rolling of the ankle), or want to increase their fitness and lifestyle performance.  Most people who are fitted with these “Superfeet™” experience: Improved shock absorption, Increased fit, comfort and performance, Reduced pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel spurs, More efficient stride and improved posture and balance.

Dr. Joshua Gelber is a traditional chiropractor; he practices in Midtown Toronto in the Annex / Bloor & Spadina / Yorkville / Koreatown / Seaton Village neighbourhoods.  His children, family, and wellness practice focuses on using gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques to enhance health, and reduce pain, and help people achieve Greatness.