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I tend to be a “stickler” for a good pillow, and have taken time to research and test different pillows.  I had a clear winner until recently, and now there are two durable, researched pillows, both of which I size and sell in the clinic.

right-align“The Align-Right Pillow is scientifically designed to help those with sleep problems. Our pillows reduce neck pain, headaches, snoring, tossing and turning, and allow people to enter a deep sleep to allow the body to heal. We would like you to get a good deep healthy sleep like we do and that’s by having an individual round cervical pillow fit to support you in your individual alignment and preferred sleeping position.” – Jim and Judy Blondin – the founders

I’ve been sleeping on this product for 14+ years, and it has traveled with me everywhere!





Chiroflow was founded in 1994. Since then, our Chiroflow Waterbase pillow has earned a superior reputation in the health care community for its innovation and clinically proven results.

The Chiroflow pillow was developed by Maurice Bard, Chief Executive Officer, Chiroflow Inc., after he suffered from a whiplash injury. His treatment involved using a water bottle under a pillow. This became the prototype for the Chiroflow pillow…”

I consider this the full-size alternative to the Align-Right Pillow, and it keeps two options present for my patients and my community.