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I tend to be a “stickler” for a good pillow, and have taken time to research and test different pillows.  I had a clear winner until recently, and now there are two durable, researched pillows, both of which I size and sell in the clinic.

cervical pillow chiropractor torontoThe Align-Right Pillow

is scientifically designed to help those with sleep problems. Our pillows reduce neck pain, headaches, snoring, tossing and turning, and allow people to enter a deep sleep to allow the body to heal. We would like you to get a good deep healthy sleep like we do and that’s by having an individual round cervical pillow fit to support you in your individual alignment and preferred sleeping position.” – Jim and Judy Blondin – the founders

I’ve been sleeping on this product for 15+ years, and it has traveled with me everywhere!

The Logic Curve Pillow:

fix neck pain toronto chiropractorIt is designed to enhance the effects of the supportive medium ( air or water ) under your neck area. Choose air or water base chamber for preferred support method. The Logic Curve Pillow has a unique patented contour technology that gently lifts and corrects neck posture while sleeping to relieve neck pain and reduce muscle stiffness in the morning. Ideal for travel, lightweight and easily portable.


Can be adjustable for thickness by adding or removing the volume of air or water in the base chamber. Removable Fill chamber allows for better washing. Bamboo Support Mechanism: Unique, Patented Flexible Bamboo Support mechanism gently adapts to your body shape in all sleeping positions. Flexible bamboo inserts maximize the air or water displacements towards your neck and allow for custom contouring.


Bamboo support pillow has air or water base chamber, provide the ideal balance of comfort for your head and neck. Fully Adjustable for Thickness, Firmness.

Contoured Pillow Shape:

Contoured Shape Creates Natural Alignment of your neck and helps to Rejuvenate Your Health by providing with the most optimal and comfortable sleep possible. Ideal for side or back sleeping positions.

I consider this the full-size alternative to the Align-Right Pillow, and it keeps two options present for my patients and my community.