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Pain-Free Living: Mastering Sciatica with Chiropractic Care


Sharp, radiating pain shoots from your lower back all the way down your leg and you’re unable to find relief. Maybe you’re seven months pregnant with a toddler to run after. Maybe you’re a college basketball player and the bench has been your home for the last month. Or you’re a construction worker who can’t climb ladders because of sciatica.  Sciatica pain can be debilitating no matter your age or station in life. The good news is that there are natural ways to find relief and healing. As a chiropractor, I provide expertise and adjustments that can help your body in [...]

Pain-Free Living: Mastering Sciatica with Chiropractic Care2023-11-30T22:13:45-05:00

When Chiropractic Care Doesn’t Work


“Chiropractic won’t work for me.” “I got adjusted, and it didn’t do any good.” Our mindsets play a big role in our health.  We may come to a doctor, or even a gym or nutritionist with certain expectations. You may anticipate certain results if you’ve been referred or have heard great things about a particular field, such as chiropractic.  Or maybe your mindset is rooted in desperation and exhaustion. If you’re at the end of your rope, then you’re tired of dealing with symptoms - you need relief and you need it yesterday! Whatever the case may be, often we approach [...]

When Chiropractic Care Doesn’t Work2023-11-10T20:01:06-05:00

6 Common Headache Triggers & Natural Options


Headaches are a part of life for far too many people. Headaches may keep us from doing our jobs or doing them effectively. They may hinder our relationships as our emotional fuse shortens with this discomfort. They may also slow us down from being active and reaching other health goals.  So WHY do people get headaches, and what can we do about them when we want to live a vibrant, natural life? (There are many more possible causes and triggers, but let’s focus on these six.) Common Causes & Triggers of Headaches  Chemical - You may have heard someone say that [...]

6 Common Headache Triggers & Natural Options2022-01-05T12:48:46-05:00

7 Habits to Increase Your Energy


If you’d like to know some simple ways you can have more energy as soon as today, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this list.  The following 7 habits are part of the M.O. of almost all the world’s most high-energy people.  And, since I’m on this same quest to reduce parental fatigue, I thought it was worth sharing! Enjoy! 1. Go to sleep earlier. Sleep is one of the founding pillars of health.  Few things will do more for your energy, mood, and mindset than improving the amount of quality zzz’s you get each night. Try my 30 [...]

7 Habits to Increase Your Energy2021-01-28T13:21:04-05:00

Survive The Jaws of the Lion


You may have once heard of an adventurer called Dr. Livingstone. While in Africa, he was dragged away from his camp in the jaws of a lion and lived to tell the tale. It was strange. Once in the grip of the lion's teeth, he felt a bizarre sense of euphoria, and went completely limp.  It was as though he'd given up the fight and resigned himself to his fate. But he never gave up his desire to live. Sure enough, Dr. Livingstone survived his close encounter with the King of the jungle. Today, we are living in the jaws of a [...]

Survive The Jaws of the Lion2021-01-19T18:35:17-05:00

The “Unseen” Perils Of Travel


From the category of health risks you might not have considered… I enjoyed a lovely vacation with the family in Mexico last week.  Lots of sunny fun.  Here are the cute pics I wasn’t able to load for you last week with the subpar resort Wi-Fi: Here’s why this is important for you: While the bed in the hotel was decent, I did “pay the price” of the temporary sleeping arrangements each morning with daily albeit mild stiffness. And I’m generally healthy; for anyone with pre-existing symptoms, or travelers who are a bit older – even if otherwise in good shape [...]

The “Unseen” Perils Of Travel2020-03-03T14:03:15-05:00

Heat Or Ice? (The Answer Might Surprise You)


Today's quick tip might come as a shock to you. I say that because most patients I talk to are confused about this. When you have an acute injury or pain, what should you reach for first, heat or ice?  Most patients think it’s heat.  And while heat can help in easing tense muscles, the answer is [drum roll please]… ICE. Job #1 in any flare up or sudden pain is controlling inflammation and encouraging proper blood flow.  This is what ice does.  It constricts the blood vessels so the swelling can go down and, when removed, allows them to expand [...]

Heat Or Ice? (The Answer Might Surprise You)2019-08-06T12:34:39-04:00

Facts You Need to Know About Your Children’s Health


Did you know that poor nutrition negatively impacts bone growth and overall physical development in children? Start young. That’s the secret to giving your children every possible advantage when it comes to their health. In honor of the imminent "back-to-school" wave just around the corner, here are three quick facts you should know: No soft drinks. Phosphorus in soft drinks (mostly the darker coloured ones; check the ingredients for phosphoric acid) can leech calcium out of kids’ bones and inhibit your child’s physical development.  I reference this when I talk to adults about getting older and posture influences over time (leeching [...]

Facts You Need to Know About Your Children’s Health2019-07-31T11:29:16-04:00

August is Kids Month annually!


The latest “Team Gelber production” is set to join our family next month.   One of the ways we’re celebrating this blessed event is with Kids’ Month here at Annex Family Chiropractic.  Spinal screenings used to happen in schools - checking for posture, scoliosis and more, but they stopped years ago, without warning, and without clarity as to why.   Anyway, here’s the deal:   For the month of August only, kids under 17 get a free exam.   Now you may be thinking, “What on earth could my young child have wrong with their spine that he or she would [...]

August is Kids Month annually!2019-07-29T12:23:25-04:00

Which of these health problems do you want to fix?


Most people don’t think of it very often, but this crucial health factor lets you breathe easy and move better. It lifts a heavy load off your organs so they can function at their peak. It boosts your energy, and can help eliminate annoying neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain…it can take your golf game to the next level, and make you better at almost any activity you love…it allows your muscles to work the way they want to, which can make you almost “injury-proof”. It even results in better sleeping patterns. What is this health ‘miracle’? Great posture. Turns [...]

Which of these health problems do you want to fix?2019-07-16T12:00:34-04:00
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