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When Chiropractic Care Doesn’t Work


“Chiropractic won’t work for me.” “I got adjusted, and it didn’t do any good.” Our mindsets play a big role in our health.  We may come to a doctor, or even a gym or nutritionist with certain expectations. You may anticipate certain results if you’ve been referred or have heard great things about a particular field, such as chiropractic.  Or maybe your mindset is rooted in desperation and exhaustion. If you’re at the end of your rope, then you’re tired of dealing with symptoms - you need relief and you need it yesterday! Whatever the case may be, often we approach [...]

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[New Video] Stronger Hips, Legs and Arches In Minutes A Day


If you’d like to know a simple way to self-check your hip, knee, ankle, and arch stability…and strengthen supporting muscles in just minutes a day…then today’s article will show you how.  In fact, if you did little else than master this simple move, it could go a long way toward lessening any aches and pains you may be feeling in your lower body. It’s not foam rolling or stretching, it’s more activation-based, & it touches almost every important muscle for mobility and strength from your hips on down. What is this “magic” exercise? None other than the Single Leg Squat. See, [...]

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I Dared Him To Answer This


As we (hopefully) turn the corner toward spring, more and more folks will be gearing up to shed those unwanted winter quarantine pounds. So I challenged a personal trainer friend of mine and asked him: “If you had just a few minutes to transform someone’s fitness forever, and you could never speak to that person again, what advice would you give them?” Here’s the 4 gems he answered with: 1. Try not to do too much too soon. Waiting rooms are full of weekend warriors who injured themselves or fizzled out by going hard when their bodies simply weren’t ready. Sometimes [...]

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This Made Me Think Of You


Allow me tell you a quick personal story. On Valentine’s Sunday, my son Hayden made a trip to the hospital for a few chin stitches, after a run-in with a pole during tobogganing. Now don’t worry – Hayden is ok, and enjoying the return to school almost as much as his exhausted parents! Aside from a big band-aid altering his jaw opening “comfort”, he was himself again just a few hours later. (Kids bounce back so fast, don’t they?) But when the dust finally settled after our hectic day, my chiropractor’s brain finished connecting a few dots…and it prompted this note. [...]

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The Truth About Self-Compassion


Have you ever tried telling yourself to do just five minutes on the treadmill? What almost always happens? Once you’re there…you keep going! This is partly psychological; it feels silly to get off after five minutes when you’ve already gone through the trouble of hitting the start button.  But it is also physiological; in those five minutes all of your body’s processes wake up. Your muscles and brain are almost instantly better oxygenated as your breathing and your circulation increases.  And as you persist, your movement becomes easier.  Exercise also stimulates production of BDNF, a crucial brain chemical that reshapes the synapses. In [...]

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When You Should Not Use A Chiropractor


Quick story: I recently reconnected with a former patient, Marie. We just happened to pass each other on the street and have a brief chat a few months ago.  Marie then came back to the clinic last week and gave me the lowdown on some recent symptoms (hip, side-of-her-leg and knee pain, which she has a history of) and how she hoped for some relief, as walking was becoming less comfortable. So, out of transparency, I did my full re-evaluation (it’s been more than 7 years). What I discovered was plenty of the “usual suspects” of stress & time-induced subluxation.  However, her biggest [...]

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The Heart Health Secret Discovered Almost By Accident


February is Heart Month. As a chiropractor, I feel a special connection to the cause of heart health.  Let me explain: more than a hundred years ago one of the pioneers of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer had come across a patient with heart troubles that weren’t getting better.  When he examined his spine he noticed a displaced vertebrae pressing against the nerves connected to the heart. And when he adjusted it, the man instantly felt better. This was one of the first cases of a chiropractic adjustment.  From there, the science of chiropractic was developed. In the mid 90’s, Dr.'s Jarmel and [...]

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Never Call in Sick to the Chiropractor


Have you caught a bug and you’re thinking about cancelling your chiropractic visit? Don’t call in sick to this appointment like you would for school or work. You chiropractor is one person you’ll definitely want to see while you’re sick because you can get the adjustment you need to heel faster and receive a more natural treatment. This is due to the link between the nervous system and the immune system that is working in overdrive right now. Take a look at why you should never call in sick to the chiropractor. Go even if you’re contagious Talk to your chiropractor [...]

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Top 5 Things To Know About Chiropractic Treatment


If you are visiting a chiropractor for the first time, you may not know what to expect. You’ve heard great things but you’re not really sure why people see chiropractors or why this treatment is different or better than seeing a physician. Chiropractic treatment results can be wonderful for your body and they can help to heal issues in an all-natural approach. There are no age limits to receiving this type of care and it can go hand-in-hand with the care from your physician. You will benefit going to the chiropractor on a regular basis, knowing that the care you give [...]

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