When Chiropractic Care Doesn’t Work


“Chiropractic won’t work for me.” “I got adjusted, and it didn’t do any good.” Our mindsets play a big role in our health.  We may come to a doctor, or even a gym or nutritionist with certain expectations. You may anticipate certain results if you’ve been referred or have heard great things about a particular field, such as chiropractic.  Or maybe your mindset is rooted in desperation and exhaustion. If you’re at the end of your rope, then you’re tired of dealing with symptoms - you need relief and you need it yesterday! Whatever the case may be, often we approach [...]

When Chiropractic Care Doesn’t Work2023-11-10T20:01:06-05:00

[New Video] Stronger Hips, Legs and Arches In Minutes A Day


If you’d like to know a simple way to self-check your hip, knee, ankle, and arch stability…and strengthen supporting muscles in just minutes a day…then today’s article will show you how.  In fact, if you did little else than master this simple move, it could go a long way toward lessening any aches and pains you may be feeling in your lower body. It’s not foam rolling or stretching, it’s more activation-based, & it touches almost every important muscle for mobility and strength from your hips on down. What is this “magic” exercise? None other than the Single Leg Squat. See, [...]

[New Video] Stronger Hips, Legs and Arches In Minutes A Day2021-09-10T17:21:08-04:00

The Simple Question You Must Ask Yourself To Find True Health


Our society is built around crisis management. Sure, you could say there’s lean toward wellness these days, but our primary mode is reaction and crisis response.  The pandemic has shown this.  Think about the advice we’ve been getting from health authorities and policy makers.  It’s all about minimizing risk, controlling damage, and little to no focus on building health and natural immunity. Apply this to individuals: We are often most motivated to get healthy when we’re sick or in pain. For many of us the spark that ignites our passion to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle comes when we’re ALREADY suffering [...]

The Simple Question You Must Ask Yourself To Find True Health2020-09-22T21:40:55-04:00

3 Biggest Running Mistakes


Today’s content is a must-read.  (If not, well, there’s still value in the principles) For me, running is a passion (I sadly can’t remember if I’ve spoken about this passion of mine).  I’m an accomplished half-marathoner at my peak and the main intent of my recent fitness “reboot” has been to go for more runs.  I love the ease of just stepping out the door, it’s literally a no-brainer so long as I’m dressed properly. One caveat: running can be a negative stress on your body as well as all of the positive benefits it procures. Here, for your viewing pleasure, [...]

3 Biggest Running Mistakes2019-10-16T12:59:59-04:00

Do We Control 70% Of How We Age?


Shifting gears a bit today. I’m “back in the saddle”…adapting to life with a newborn (again!)…and with it being September, i.e. back to the routine for many people, I feel inspired to talk about fitness.  In fact, I recently decided it was time for your humble author to re-commit to my own fitness program. (More on that to come.) I want to start by planting a seed. A few years back, The Globe and Mail published an interesting article (“We Control 70% of How We age,” Alex Hutchinson).  The article talks about a study that examined fat and muscle content in [...]

Do We Control 70% Of How We Age?2019-09-11T13:52:52-04:00

Heat Or Ice? (The Answer Might Surprise You)


Today's quick tip might come as a shock to you. I say that because most patients I talk to are confused about this. When you have an acute injury or pain, what should you reach for first, heat or ice?  Most patients think it’s heat.  And while heat can help in easing tense muscles, the answer is [drum roll please]… ICE. Job #1 in any flare up or sudden pain is controlling inflammation and encouraging proper blood flow.  This is what ice does.  It constricts the blood vessels so the swelling can go down and, when removed, allows them to expand [...]

Heat Or Ice? (The Answer Might Surprise You)2019-08-06T12:34:39-04:00

Live Forever! on Liquid Lunch


Hi everyone! After an outing to Montreal, and meeting an elderly couple, who were once vivacious and active in all respects, I had a moment. I watched these two lovely people slowly move around, with difficulty, and take their daily pills. It struck my emotional heart strings big time, and hence my conversation topic today. "Getting old" is preventable, at least outside of a calendar - aging can happen more gracefully than most people imagine. Enjoy!

Live Forever! on Liquid Lunch2011-04-29T13:30:40-04:00

Healthy Children – from day ONE – Liquid Lunch


Hi everyone, Join me in a chat about health, and being healthy from day ONE, the beginning. I wanted to address how kids can subluxate so easily - from the 'simple' stresses of learning to walk and more. Until next time, Dr Josh

Healthy Children – from day ONE – Liquid Lunch2011-01-28T10:23:26-05:00

Physical activity is crucial


After a 3-year hiatus from serious long-distance running, I've been reminded how crucial it is to be consistent, as is true with many things we do in life. Time and repetition create change, and allow us to achieve our goals. I am now through my second week of a Running Room 10-km clinic, and feel the amazing rush of how much our human bodies crave motion. My goal is to return to a 1/2 marathon level, and this takes time, but it is my goal. I feel amazing, tired, and more stretching becomes crucial to enhance performance. Can't wait for my [...]

Physical activity is crucial2010-03-28T10:08:05-04:00
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