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4 Gentle Exercises For Low Back Pain


With many folks more sedentary these days (and working in ad hoc home office setups), low back pain complaints are all too common.To make matters worse, our first instinct is often to do nothing, and rest. While this may make sense in acute cases or during flare-ups, avoiding exercise can lead to a cycle of weaker muscles and MORE pain in the long run.Here, then, are 4 gentle full-body moves you can do to lessen the pain over time (Note: If you can’t quite picture how any of the above exercises go, each exercise is linked to a YouTube search for [...]

4 Gentle Exercises For Low Back Pain2021-02-09T19:59:53-05:00

When You Should Not Use A Chiropractor


Quick story: I recently reconnected with a former patient, Marie. We just happened to pass each other on the street and have a brief chat a few months ago.  Marie then came back to the clinic last week and gave me the lowdown on some recent symptoms (hip, side-of-her-leg and knee pain, which she has a history of) and how she hoped for some relief, as walking was becoming less comfortable. So, out of transparency, I did my full re-evaluation (it’s been more than 7 years). What I discovered was plenty of the “usual suspects” of stress & time-induced subluxation.  However, her biggest [...]

When You Should Not Use A Chiropractor2020-07-28T18:16:51-04:00

How To Avoid Neck Or Back Pain From Yard Work


In my last email I mentioned we’re making our backyard more hospitable for extended homestays. This is going to require a little landscaping and other forms of yard work.  I even got Hayden in on the fun this week.  Here’s a peak behind-the-scenes: Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who had this idea. I guess with most of us being stuck at home, and the weather getting warmer (fingers crossed), some of my colleagues this week reported more “essential” visits from patients who were hit with neck or back pain from yard work or gardening. So here are a [...]

How To Avoid Neck Or Back Pain From Yard Work2020-04-21T13:31:15-04:00

Can Chiropractic Help Sciatica?


If you suffer from sciatica, you are one of around 3 million sufferers in North America each year with this condition in their spine and legs. The nerve pain actually originates in the spine and travels down the back of the leg, and if irritated will result in difficulty standing and sitting. While there are a few more common options for sciatica such as medications and surgery, many are seeking alternative options that are less intrusive. Chiropractic care, for instance, has an extensive library of studies showing it's effectiveness in reducing sciatic nerve-based pain. Understanding the Sciatic nerve It’s important to [...]

Can Chiropractic Help Sciatica?2019-01-10T19:56:10-05:00

How to Prevent Neck Pain During Cycling


Getting pain from a cycling session can be frustrating. You are trying to improve your skill and you end up with neck pain, putting you out for the next cycling day. Neck pain from this sport is really common and is usually caused from weak muscles or poor posture. It’s not hard to overuse your muscles and injuring yourself. Sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing a better bike fit or changing your posture just slightly. You don’t have to give up your favorite hobby due to that neck pain you keep getting. Use this guide to determine what’s causing your [...]

How to Prevent Neck Pain During Cycling2018-05-02T18:00:26-04:00

Sciatica? 3 solutions you can do yourself to help manage the pain.


Pain that starts in the low back and slowly starts to creep down the leg could be a condition called sciatica which is a compression of the sciatic nerve.  Now that’s a general descriptor, as there are many variations of sciatica related symptoms; lists a number of different versions, including: A "killer" pain in the leg   Constant pain in only one side of the buttock or leg, but rarely in both sides Pain typically described as sharp or searing, rather than dull A "pins-and-needles" sensation, numbness or weakness, or a prickling sensation down the leg in some cases Weakness or [...]

Sciatica? 3 solutions you can do yourself to help manage the pain.2018-04-04T15:16:14-04:00

Top 5 Things To Know About Chiropractic Treatment


If you are visiting a chiropractor for the first time, you may not know what to expect. You’ve heard great things but you’re not really sure why people see chiropractors or why this treatment is different or better than seeing a physician. Chiropractic treatment results can be wonderful for your body and they can help to heal issues in an all-natural approach. There are no age limits to receiving this type of care and it can go hand-in-hand with the care from your physician. You will benefit going to the chiropractor on a regular basis, knowing that the care you give [...]

Top 5 Things To Know About Chiropractic Treatment2017-08-16T17:55:37-04:00

Chiropractic Care for Treating Disc Problems


Do you suffer with disc problems that are causing pain in your spine and other areas? Disc problems can really burden the sufferer between the stiffness in the back, the pain in different areas, and the tingling and weakness affecting the nerves. Chiropractors are constantly seeing people needing treatment for disc herniation and bulging disc problems. Take a look at what it means to have a disc problem and how chiropractors are treating them. What do spinal discs do? Spinal discs are those spongy pads that live on the spinal column between your vertebrae. These discs are flat, sensitive, circular capsules [...]

Chiropractic Care for Treating Disc Problems2017-05-24T19:44:36-04:00
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