Chiropractic is all about getting your spine and body as healthy as possible using natural methods. There are numerous different spinal adjusting techniques and each Chiropractors has their own process and system that makes them unique and can help you get results.

So what makes Dr. Josh Gelber unique?

Dr. Gelber focuses on a Chiropractic technique that is gentle and little little force. This technique is great and effective at helping everyone from newborns to seniors, athletes and more.

Why Does Pain Occur? Why do we feel or function poorly?

Dr. Gelber’s protocols hold true to the founding principles of chiropractic. It is based on the science that the human body is designed to heal and regulate itself. The nervous system, as the body’s master system, is the command centre for healing and regulating.

When stress occurs, it causes interference, which makes the body unable to operate at an optimal level. That’s when symptoms like pain begin to show up.

So, what can be done about this interference?

Chiropractors detect, analyze and assist in the correction of this interference, allowing the body to heal and regulate all function like it was intended to.

Getting Started With Care

A doctor can only provide you with the proper care after understanding your goals and needs. Dr. Gelber will take his time to do so, along with providing thorough forms of testing to evaluate your health. Then, an individual plan can be designed for your needs, complete with a strategy to put you on the road to wellness.

When it comes to your adjustments, Dr. Gelber uses a range of techniques, including gentle and low-force methods. No matter which you prefer, all will stimulate the nervous system, allowing it to let go of stress so that your body can work at an optimal level.

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