Sp1ke Mats – Feel The Comfort and Flow of Energy

From the founder – “Why sit, stand or kneel on a competitive cushion that costs more and will eventually just compress under your weight, building up heat, making you sweat, limiting your movement, and causing discomfort by providing no support where your body really needs it? Sp1ke promotes proper circulation through constant massage as you move, eliminates nerve pinching, neutralizes your hips and spine so that you sit straighter, and uniquely molds to your body to provide comfort in key areas and support in others – the places where you most need pain relief and comfort.”

Sp1ke cushions are:

  • Super light-weight with massaging tips that create a floating and supportive experience for anyone that sits on them.
  • Made from an extremely durable EVA foam that can be cut to customize to any surface area.
  • Shock and vibration damping to allow for an easier ride for your spine.
  • The nubs bend and shift naturally to massage and support – reducing pressure on your spine and providing ultimate pressure relief – no more sore neck, shoulders, back, buttocks or feet!
  • Made from a closed-cell foam, they are completely waterproof so they won’t absorb any water, sweat, bacteria or mold – and are unrivaled for use in showers/baths/bathrooms, kitchens, boats etc.
  • Designed with an anti-slip bottom to grip any seating surface.
  • Are Truly breathable – holes allow for complete airflow while sitting
  • Can be rinsed off easily under water; simply using dish soap to remove any dirt
  • Can be used for BOTH standing and sitting – unlike other products – Sp1ke does not compress when stood on
  • Can be used on ANY seating surface, indoor or outdoor (typical usages include – office chairs, any car/truck seat, stadium seat, airplane seat, meditation cushion, )
  • CAUTION: these cushions will experience shrinkage – as all EVA foam products do in extreme heat if left in the car or outside. This does not affect the health/circulatory benefits of our SP1KE products in any way.