Chiropractic is about human health and disease. This drugless profession places emphasis on the nervous system and its inter-relationships with the spine.

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Chiropractic is distinct because it emphasizes the reduction of spinal or pelvic rearrangements. This is achieved by adjustments to the spine, which normalizes the relationship of the vertebrae. It works by reducing affects of built up physical, emotional, and chemical stress on the nervous system, which can cause tension in the spine and pelvis…

Additionally, other aspects of your health such as exercise, rest, diet, nutrition, food supplements, etc. are considered on an individual basis.

How long will it take to get well?

This is a common question that has no definite answer. It depends on the individual and their circumstances.

However, based on treating many cases of a similar to yours (we see people suffering from headaches, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, stressed, cranky children, runners, athletes and more!) we will be able to give you an estimate based on our knowledge and experience.

To most people, “being well” means being free from the symptoms that initially brought you to see us. To be truly well can go much beyond symptomatic relief; the body can function in ways most people aren’t even aware of.

When should I visit the Toronto office?

It’s common for people to visit our office after having spent weeks, months or years in pain while trying to get better using drugs and other types of therapies.

When this has proved to be ineffective, they’ve sought chiropractic care as a last resort, usually on the recommendation of a friend.

A typical visit to this Toronto Chiropractic Office will include an initial consultation to confirm mutual goals between the doctor and you, followed by a detailed health case history, a chiropractic neurological, spinal and postural examination.

Here’s what your first visit consists of:

  • consultation with Dr Gelber to discuss you or your family member’s health challenge.
  • A series of tests to determine the cause of the problem.  This will include non-invasive neurological tests, and usually x-rays; we are thorough to provide you the highest level of care.
  • We respect your time: if yours is not a chiropractic case, an appropriate referral to another professional will be made.

And on your second visit:

  • A complete review of findings with recommendations for care.
  • Sufficient details about your situation, what we can do about it, how long we would be spending together, and the potential costs of working together.
  • When you choose to work with us, you will understand exactly what’s taking place and why.

To learn more about chiropractic and how it may help you, please contact us here

Dr. Joshua Gelber is a traditional chiropractor; he practices in Midtown Toronto in the Annex / Bloor & Spadina / Yorkville / Koreatown / Seaton Village neighbourhoods.  His children, family, and wellness practice focuses on using gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques to enhance health, and reduce pain, and help people achieve Greatness.