7 Reasons Why People In Pain Need Movement


Straight to it, here they are: Strength Strong muscles act as a support structure.  One common example is how strengthening your core can help with low back pain.  When your core functions as it should, it can “prop up” and take stress away from a sore low back. Note, the “core” is much broader than some people realize, it’s as high as your pectorals and shoulders, and as low as your gluteus and hamstring muscles. Natural pain relief Exercise has a proven pain-inhibiting effect.  One way it does this is by releasing “feel-good” brain chemicals (e.g. endorphins) that dim pain signals. [...]

7 Reasons Why People In Pain Need Movement2020-08-25T21:39:17-04:00

Medication usage: Think twice


Does our body need medication? Right off the bat this is an interesting and touchy subject - or is it? Every day new people come into my clinic, ask for my help, and are of 1 of 3 different mindsets: those who have always disliked taking medications and strive to do all things natural; those who don't mind medications but are tired of taking pills for their ills without long-term results; and those who have consistently taken medications, may have prescriptions constantly on the go, and are trying to mix in alternative methods. Who gets the best results?  Makes you wonder, [...]

Medication usage: Think twice2018-10-24T14:56:29-04:00
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