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Why Your Posture Matters (& how to improve it)


Posture and Spinal Health Imagine this: It’s been a long day of work and you’ve been hunched over, staring at a computer for hours. After sitting at a desk all day (for years!) you find that you have a sore back and neck.  Over time, you find that not only does the discomfort stay with you, but other issues have crept in to lower your quality of life. This is because posture is important in maintaining your muscular system, nervous system, and overall spinal health!  Poor posture puts the body in abnormal positions that the body has to hold by compensating. [...]

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Did Marilyn Monroe Have A Bad Back?


Here’s an interesting fact for you: The one-and-only Marilyn Monroe developed her signature walk by hacking off the heel of one shoe.  I hear something like that and my chiropractor’s brain instantly thinks “compensation pattern”. What do I mean? Well, by changing the length of one leg, Monroe would set up a movement pattern that, if she continued it long enough, could only hurt the delicate musculoskeletal balance in her body.  She died young, at age 36. But I’d guess that if she’d lived longer, and kept walking that way, she’d have ended up with a bad back.  And that would [...]

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4 Tips to Help You Sleep Like A Baby


There’s an old joke that goes: “When I was going through [insert life event here] I slept like a baby…I woke up every two hours and cried.” Today’s tips are true to the spirit of the saying, thankfully. Good sleep sows the seeds of good health.  It even leads to better food choices (appetite, cravings, and willpower are all shaped by your quality of sleep). Yet, sleep problems are amongst the top complaints I hear with new patients. Ok, enough suspense.   Here are 4 tips to help you sleep better: Wake up at the same time every morning. If there’s [...]

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The consequences of Poor Posture


Poor Posture is everywhere... A few weeks before publishing this blog, I was interviewed on liquid lunch (link), having a follow-up conversation about poor posture – I had run out of time to dive into the more significant consequences, so some elements of this article are excerpts from here.  I had previously been interviewed in May 2018 after returning from Italy, and in a state of relaxing and incessant people watching, I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of poor postures in so many different categories of people – from millennials to seniors!  I've written about posture numerous times (in 2014 and a [...]

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