How well do you understand your immunity? What regular actions are you taking to ensure you stay healthy? With things reopening and persistent fears of a “second wave”, my next few emails will focus on simple things you can do as soon as today to boost your health and feel more trust in your body’s natural immunity.

First, a thought.

Scientists are finding that the main factor of this virus responsible for hospitalizations is “hyper-inflammation” (especially as it concerns the lungs).  Some inflammation is part of your body’s normal immune response.  But when your immunity isn’t strong enough, it’s quickly overwhelmed by invaders and the body’s immune cycle goes into overdrive.

Result = too much inflammation.

This can be due to a pre-existing condition. (E.g. you’re a smoker, or you have asthma) Or it could be caused by a chronic form of inflammation found in most of the population.  Emotional stress, medications, environmental pollutants, inadequate sleep or nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, dehydration – all of the above are stressors that contribute to inflammation.

Here’s what’s interesting about this: according to studies, if you’re deficient in either vitamin D or omega 3 fatty acids, it’s difficult for your body to self-regulate its inflammatory response.  One way it does this is via what’s known as t-regulatory cells.  These help control inflammation.  And these cells have vitamin D receptors.  In fact, they simply can’t do their job without it.

Without getting too science-y, supplementing with these two nutrients has been shown to make a significant difference in your immunity.

And how does chiropractic help with inflammation?

Regular adjustments calm a hyperactive nervous system.  This lets your parasympathetic nervous system take over, slow things down, and release healing compounds that reduce inflammation. As a bonus, you might find you sleep better, can concentrate more easily, your joints feel less achy, energy goes up, and you’re able to lose weight more easily. Bottom line:

The best defense is a good offense.

Yes, it feels weird being “out there” again, and many of us aren’t sure yet how to act.  But with a few simple lifestyle tweaks (more on this to come) we CAN learn to feel confident again and move past our fears. I’d love to help. We’re all in the same boat. I’m still tired from trying to balance everything (and can’t wait for August 8-15th’s cottage retreat with my family to unplug and recharge).  It’s easy to be reactive and anxious.  But one thing that has never wavered is my commitment to my patients.

That does it for today.

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll share some simple facts that will most likely surprise you!


Dr. Josh



“I began working with Dr. Joshua five months ago and I am astounded by the changes – no more headaches or back pain, as well as reduced neck pain and stronger immunity. I have never felt stronger, more dynamic, or healthier.” – Michelle S.