Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Consistently


As  an avid runner and Chiropractor in Toronto, I am constantly observing the human form, mechanically and neurologically.  I watch runners, I know my body, and I choose to empower myself and others to have the best potential in their running careers. I encounter many people who have balance and tension issues in their bodies.  Imbalances deriving from minor and major physical disturbances from the past (sports injuries, the bumps and tumbles of childhood, adolescent or teenage surgeries etc…), and moderate to severe levels of tension deriving from emotional or biochemical trauma buildup (negative life events, the overwhelming stress of school, jobs, careers; excess levels of medications, both over-the-counter and prescription strength, [...]

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Chiropractic Facts


What is Chiropractic? Chiropractic is based on four basic principles: The body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism The nervous system is the master control system of the body. Nervous system interference caused by misalignment of the spine (subluxation) can result in malfunction in the body and possible symptoms like pain. Removal of subluxations by the Chiropractic adjustment allows the body to heal, control, regulate and function optimally. How does Chiropractic work? Chiropractic works by locating vertebral subluxations or misalignments through a comprehensive examination and deducing the gentlest way to correct those subluxations using the Chiropractic Adjustment.  This correction ultimately restores [...]

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Your Most Important Ritual For Working From Home


Before we get into today’s content, a correction.In last week’s email I added an image of my new adjusting tool, the Accustim. However, depending on what email provider you’re with, this may have landed in your inbox instead as a description vs an actual image. Oops! Sorry about that. Here is, in fact, what it looks like:   I promise it’s far less intimidating than it appears. 😉  One of the takeaways of that email was how the repetitive woodpecker-like action of the Accustim helps “interrupt” and repeat the manual touch of your chiropractor so the neurologic feedback is more consistent throughout [...]

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The Simple Question You Must Ask Yourself To Find True Health


Our society is built around crisis management. Sure, you could say there’s lean toward wellness these days, but our primary mode is reaction and crisis response.  The pandemic has shown this.  Think about the advice we’ve been getting from health authorities and policy makers.  It’s all about minimizing risk, controlling damage, and little to no focus on building health and natural immunity. Apply this to individuals: We are often most motivated to get healthy when we’re sick or in pain. For many of us the spark that ignites our passion to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle comes when we’re ALREADY suffering [...]

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3 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune Confidence


How well do you understand your immunity? What regular actions are you taking to ensure you stay healthy? With things reopening and persistent fears of a “second wave”, my next few emails will focus on simple things you can do as soon as today to boost your health and feel more trust in your body’s natural immunity. First, a thought. Scientists are finding that the main factor of this virus responsible for hospitalizations is “hyper-inflammation” (especially as it concerns the lungs).  Some inflammation is part of your body’s normal immune response.  But when your immunity isn’t strong enough, it’s quickly overwhelmed by invaders [...]

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5 Reasons To Take A Break From Alcohol


“Good actions give strength to ourselves, and inspire good actions in others.” -- Samuel Smiles   You may not know this. But many people are participating in a campaign called Dry Feb this month. Check it out here: https://www.dryfeb.ca/about The short version is you agree to give up alcohol for the month of February to help raise funds for cancer research.  What a great idea.  Do something for your health and contribute to a cause while you’re at it! It’s win-win. Any type or amount of alcohol increases your cancer risk. According to the website, in 2017, an estimated 8,000 cancers [...]

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How would YOU help these people?


Take a minute and look at the picture below.                 Now let me ask you a question: How would you help these people? The man covering his ears probably can’t hear that well, would you give him a hearing aid? Should the woman in the middle get glasses? What about the man on the right?  A microphone?  Maybe some meds? What drugs would you prescribe for these folks to help them hear, see and speak? You’re right. These are ridiculous suggestions to fix obvious problems. If they’d just remove the interference (i.e. their hands [...]

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Tribute To A Legend of Chiropractic


Sad topic today. Last month, a legend of the chiropractic profession passed away, Dr. Franco Columbu.             Franco is perhaps best-known as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best friend and training partner.  But he himself was no slouch.  A champion bodybuilder in his own right, and twice Mr. Olympia winner, he also competed in the first ever World’s Strongest Man competition in 1977 and got 5th. Watch him help with a little parking “situation” in this iconic short clip from Pumping Iron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hnPwR3QcCU&feature=youtu.be Of course, he was a fellow chiropractor too. What I and many of my colleagues are [...]

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Do We Control 70% Of How We Age?


Shifting gears a bit today. I’m “back in the saddle”…adapting to life with a newborn (again!)…and with it being September, i.e. back to the routine for many people, I feel inspired to talk about fitness.  In fact, I recently decided it was time for your humble author to re-commit to my own fitness program. (More on that to come.) I want to start by planting a seed. A few years back, The Globe and Mail published an interesting article (“We Control 70% of How We age,” Alex Hutchinson).  The article talks about a study that examined fat and muscle content in [...]

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Terrible Accident Leads Cancer Researcher To Her Life’s Purpose


I’m writing to introduce you to my patient and friend Mona Meyer. Mona is a Certified Cancer Coach.  At 17, she supported her best friend through cancer, learning a ton about the disease along the way.  This led her to want to become a cancer researcher. Years later, she was on her way to realizing that dream when she got accepted into a prestigious Ph.D. program.  However, well into her studies Mona suffered a catastrophic traffic accident that left her in rehabilitation for years. Through that ordeal she discovered new healing modalities and experienced amazing breakthroughs. Not only was she able to [...]

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