I’m writing to introduce you to my patient and friend Mona Meyer.

Mona is a Certified Cancer Coach.  At 17, she supported her best friend through cancer, learning a ton about the disease along the way.  This led her to want to become a cancer researcher.

Years later, she was on her way to realizing that dream when she got accepted into a prestigious Ph.D. program.  However, well into her studies Mona suffered a catastrophic traffic accident that left her in rehabilitation for years. Through that ordeal she discovered new healing modalities and experienced amazing breakthroughs.

Not only was she able to pick up her studies again despite severe cognitive setbacks, she completed her Ph.D. with honors!   When cancer took her cousin, Mona made the decision to become a certified Cancer Coach, helping cancer sufferers and their families to navigate the difficult process of dealing with the disease.

She’s a support system to them on the journey.

She teaches how to feel calmer and safer by balancing your nervous system.

She shows her clients how to release the turmoil of emotions…

…And gives them ways to cope in times of distress.

And she provides expert resources on a wide range of cancer-related issues, as well as proven methods to feel better and support your immune system.  I encourage you to check out Mona’s website for more info:


Cancer touches so many lives.

Whether it’s directly, or indirectly through loved ones.

I know Mona very well…and I especially know how genuine she is in wanting to help…therefore I hope you’ll pass along her details knowing she has my vote of confidence.

That’s all for today.

Just wanted to feature/share someone with my readers I know is doing good work – and whom I believe it will benefit you to know.

Sincerely In Health,

Dr. Josh

P.S.  When you discover more about Mona’s story, it’s not hard to see how she could be such a big help to families reeling from cancer.  Remarkable.  Read more about her story here: