Our society is built around crisis management.

Sure, you could say there’s lean toward wellness these days, but our primary mode is reaction and crisis response.  The pandemic has shown this.  Think about the advice we’ve been getting from health authorities and policy makers.  It’s all about minimizing risk, controlling damage, and little to no focus on building health and natural immunity. Apply this to individuals: We are often most motivated to get healthy when we’re sick or in pain.

For many of us the spark that ignites our passion to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle comes when we’re ALREADY suffering with the symptoms of osteoarthritis, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or any other anxiety-provoking health condition. Instead, what should drive us to change is a desire to live a higher quality of life. When you feel good in your own skin…when you’re not overrun (or overwhelmed) by stress…when blood pressure is low and controlled…that’s when you leap out of bed in the morning. That’s when every day is an adventure you can’t wait to start.

With a wellness approach to health vs. simply reacting to crises, this IS possible for you.  I’ve seen it happen over and over with patients.  That’s why it makes me sad that most people exist somewhere between “seemingly healthy” and “I don’t feel right” or potentially worse, which could lead to crisis or death. What stops people from living at the wellness end of the spectrum?  Mainly, lack of education on what’s “available” to you in terms of how truly healthy you can be!  (Which is one great reason to read my newsletters.) 😉

But it all starts by asking THIS simple question:

“How can I improve my functioning?”

Whether you’re currently suffering from a painful health issue or not, this question will propel you forward and help you get past the mental block of “can I be healthier?”. Just a little something to remember as school restarts and all of us weary post-quarantine folks seek to manage this “new normal”.  It’s really easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget this other opportunity exists.


There’s never been a more critical time to take control of your health. Per my introduction above, you simply can’t count on health authorities to do it for you. If you’re not currently under care and you’d like to relieve pain or discover a new level of health, contact the clinic at (416) 967-4466 to book your assessment (or re-assessment if it’s been a while). We are standing by to help any way we can.

Baby Beverly’s successfully completed week 2 of daycare.  Hayden’s in JK this Wednesday. Lot’s going on for me, both exciting and change based.  I’m especially pumped for the clinic to return to full hours starting the 21st! Also been enjoying podcasts by Brendon Burchard and Tim Ferris on productivity, motivation, and other good-habit-forming content.

How are you staying motivated?

That’s all for today.

Remember to ask yourself my question above…

And let wellness find you!


Dr. Josh

P.S. Check out this brief video for the latest clinic tour and all our current safety measures:


“After a year of chiropractic, I am sleeping better and haven’t had a severe attack of sciatica in months.  I feel more conscious of my body, my posture has improved and I am walking more easily.” – Mary O.