Take a minute and look at the picture below.









Now let me ask you a question:

How would you help these people?

The man covering his ears probably can’t hear that well, would you give him a hearing aid? Should the woman in the middle get glasses? What about the man on the right?  A microphone?  Maybe some meds? What drugs would you prescribe for these folks to help them hear, see and speak?

You’re right.

These are ridiculous suggestions to fix obvious problems.

If they’d just remove the interference (i.e. their hands from their ears, eyes and mouth respectively) everything would be all right.  And while this might sound strange, the same is true for many health problems.

See, you can try solutions that might “overcome” the problem…

OR you can remove the cause of the problem!

That, in a nutshell, is what chiropractic is designed to do.  I see myself as a subluxation hunter, or detective.  I go on the hunt for misalignments, distortions or interruptions in your spinal structure and neural flow that prevent your nervous system from doing its job – which is to act as your body’s command center for healing.

With those blocks removed…

(Like the hands on the eyes, ears, and mouth above)

Many health issues subside.

Check this out:

Nerve interference at C1, which deals with the head, face, brain, and pituitary gland can lead to symptoms such as headaches, migraines, earaches, colds/flus, and sore throats.  At T2, which is connected to your heart, lungs, and bronchial tubes, any blockage can leave you with asthma, bronchitis, fatigue, or fluid retention.  At L2, the root of nerve function for the small intestine, appendix, abdomen, and upper leg, if signals aren’t getting through you could suffer digestive complaints, appendicitis, or leg pain.

I could go on.

At every level of your spinal structure there’s what you might call a “command function” for some aspect of your health.  It’s simple.  Better alignment means better nerve signal flow which means better function.  And better function means less symptoms overall.

I feel beyond grateful to be able to facilitate the above every day I check people ever since 2004.  It’s purely an honour.

Sincerely In Health,

Dr. Josh