Discover This Supermodel’s Secret to Bouncing Back from Pregnancy


Forgive me if I haven’t yet shared something personal with you. I’ve been talking about it for a little while now…and it's good news... The wife and I are expecting baby number two! :-) #Blessed With that in mind, here’s a quick “pregnancy care” note: Pregnancy, as beautiful as it is, can be a lot of stress on the body.  My wife’s friend commented it can be harder than what marathoners who do 2-3 races in a weekend go through.  My wife’s doing fine, thanks.  But it’s a great reminder (1) to support your spouse, and… (2) Even just 10-20 pounds [...]

Discover This Supermodel’s Secret to Bouncing Back from Pregnancy2019-06-18T14:12:46-04:00

Need Better Posture? 5 awesome and simple exercises


Virtually everything we do requires us to hunch forward – typing, cooking, driving, etc. When we slouch, our chest muscles shorten, our back muscles weaken, and our abdominal muscles grow slack. This muscle shortening impacts a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, however, being mindful of our posture can prevent back pain, help us feel better, and even assist in projecting more confidence. We hear a lot about “core” strength, but what exactly is the core? Put simply, it is the series of abdominal and lower back muscles that connect to your spine and pelvis. These muscles are involved in virtually [...]

Need Better Posture? 5 awesome and simple exercises2018-12-30T19:19:35-05:00

Getting your Body Ready for Flu Season


One of the reasons everybody dreads the winter season is that it typically means that flu season is upon us. You might be seeing ads suggesting you to get your flu shot and that is because we are at the right time of year where the flu is on everyone’s mind. It can ruin holidays, keep you from work, and cause you to be homebound missing important events or obligations. The good news is that you can get your body ready for flu season now in order to increase your chances of avoiding the flu this season. By prepping your boy, [...]

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Solve it Naturally!


Irritable. Bowel. Syndrome. It's a straight forward diagnostic name for a not-so-straightforward condition.  A publication from the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation describes it beautifully, as a "disorder affecting the intestine. IBS involves problems with motility (movement of digested food  through the intestines) and sensitivity (how the brain interprets signals from the intestinal nerves), leading to abdominal pain, changes in bowel patterns and other symptoms. Although often disruptive, debilitating and embarrassing, it may be some comfort to know that IBS is not life-threatening, nor does it lead to cancer or other more serious illnesses." They go on to suggest roughly 5 million Canadians suffer from it with growing numbers annually. Why [...]

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Got Headaches? 5 Natural tips and tricks to help you avoid overmedicating.


"Not tonight honey, I've got a headache."  This line permeates my easily humoured mind whenever the word headache comes up, but in fact is a great reminder that for many of you out there, life comes to a complete HALT when a headache shows up: "I feel like my head is being squeezed (in a vice)", or, "I need a dark room. NOW" are never something to laugh or scoff at. I have conversations and comments shared about headaches every week in practice, and even outside of that through social connections - I hear a LOT about headaches.  And while they [...]

Got Headaches? 5 Natural tips and tricks to help you avoid overmedicating.2018-08-16T18:37:02-04:00

How to Prevent Neck Pain During Cycling


Getting pain from a cycling session can be frustrating. You are trying to improve your skill and you end up with neck pain, putting you out for the next cycling day. Neck pain from this sport is really common and is usually caused from weak muscles or poor posture. It’s not hard to overuse your muscles and injuring yourself. Sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing a better bike fit or changing your posture just slightly. You don’t have to give up your favorite hobby due to that neck pain you keep getting. Use this guide to determine what’s causing your [...]

How to Prevent Neck Pain During Cycling2018-05-02T18:00:26-04:00

Top 3 “A-HA” Solutions to Numbness or Tingling in the Arms, Hands, Legs or Feet


I touched on Carpal Tunnel syndrome a few years ago in this blog post. There are many things that can cause numbness and tingling in the hands or feet; both WebMD and Spine-Health discuss and share these similar details and findings.  Falling asleep on your arm or pinching the nerve in your leg from sitting too long cause temporary compression of the nerves, however the way most people live cause can cause a more permanent compression leading to serious nerve related conditions.  If you drive more than half an hour a day, sit at a computer, have old sporting injuries, car accidents or [...]

Top 3 “A-HA” Solutions to Numbness or Tingling in the Arms, Hands, Legs or Feet2018-03-08T11:00:52-05:00

Vision Loss After Surgery and How Chiropractic Can Help


Postoperative vision loss (POVL) is a rare condition that typically occurs as a result of spine or cardiac surgery. Take the following studies into consideration: One study revealed that out of 3,450 surgeries, seven cases resulted in POVL. Similarly, another study reported 6 cases out of 14,102 surgeries that were associated with visual impairment post-surgery. Although this his data supports the low incidence rate POVL, it fails to address the need for solutions/treatments for these individuals. There are 5 types of POVL that are known as external ocular injury; cortical blindness; retinal ischemia; ischemic optic neuropathy; and acute glaucoma. To date, treatment options largely depend [...]

Vision Loss After Surgery and How Chiropractic Can Help2017-11-08T20:23:52-05:00
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