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Protecting your child’s back from this year’s backpack


It’s that time of year again and back-to-school prep is all of the conversation. That means your child will be gearing up from a summer of fun to carrying a heavy book bag to school with all of their textbooks, notebooks, homeowner, and the extras. This also leads many chiropractors to seeing parents of children with back problems because of overstuffed backpacks and pain from it. While it’s an exciting time of year for new subjects, new teachers, football games, and the kids getting older, it’s also that time of year when backpacks are heavy and kid’s backs are in danger. [...]

Protecting your child’s back from this year’s backpack2018-08-22T19:18:40-04:00

How can Chiropractic Care Help with Sleep Issues?


Do you struggle with poor sleep? Whether you struggle to fall asleep, you wake up often, or you just can’t seem to get any sleep, any time of sleep dysfunction or insomnia can be detrimental to your health and daily life. That’s why many are seeking help from their Chiropractors after learning that chiropractic care can help with sleep issues. Take a look a closer look at different sleep issues, how chiropractic care can help, and how to set your night of sleep up for success. Sleep disorders It turns out at least half of North Americans and even more suffer [...]

How can Chiropractic Care Help with Sleep Issues?2018-08-03T13:32:37-04:00

Chiropractic Care helps a 3 year old boy with Pervasive Developmental Disorder


Disorders that involve a delay in development of social and communication skills are typically grouped together into a category named Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). Symptoms that arise from PDD can be evident during infancy and are most commonly identified before a child turns 3 years old. Difficulty using and understanding language, trouble relating to others, avoid changing their routine or going to unfamiliar environments as well as repetitive purposeless body movements are some of the various symptoms that are frequently cited in individuals with PDD. The condition of PDD is included within the autism spectrum. A cure for PDD has yet [...]

Chiropractic Care helps a 3 year old boy with Pervasive Developmental Disorder2018-07-12T17:58:18-04:00

Can you Really Keep Sugar Cravings at Bay?


It may seem impossible to keep your sugar cravings under control, but it turns out there are methods to control that sweet tooth. You’ll often see sugar cravings in women over men, in those with a health issue that’s increasing the cravings, or those that don’t have enough sleep or energy. It’s also so easy to access with our grocery store shelves being stocked with easy-to-grab sweet treats that are much quicker than preparing a healthy snack. If you want to keep the sugar cravings at bay, take a look at the “why” behind cravings and methods to control this going [...]

Can you Really Keep Sugar Cravings at Bay?2018-06-27T16:55:19-04:00

Chiropractic Care, the Solution for a Young Child Dealing with Vertigo, Migraines and Neck Pain


The condition of focus in this case study is vertigo, which has been most simply described as the feeling that the room or one’s surroundings are spinning. The symptoms of vertigo range from bearable short term dizziness to intense dizziness causing nausea and a failure to stand or walk. This condition arises from diseases that cause demyelination, tumors located on the brain stem and cerebellum, hemorrhage in the brain stem as well as vascular diseases of the brainstem. The individual in the case study was a 12 year old boy who had been dealing with repeated episodes of vertigo, headaches and neck pain. His vertigo [...]

Chiropractic Care, the Solution for a Young Child Dealing with Vertigo, Migraines and Neck Pain2018-06-21T20:20:58-04:00

Chiropractic Care Positively Impacts a Patient with Cystic Fibrosis


The prevalence of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is 1 in every 3500 infants. This disorder results in a decreased life span, persistent infections and overwhelming medical costs. The lungs become targeted as large amounts of mucus forms and can block airways causing acute inflammation and chronic respiratory infections. Current treatment for CF involves a variety of approaches to be effective. The patient in this case study was a young male with CF who sought the goal of improving his quality of life. This was mainly due to the repeated infections, inability to participate in sports and lack of sleep he experienced which stemmed from his CF. [...]

Chiropractic Care Positively Impacts a Patient with Cystic Fibrosis2018-06-07T20:30:33-04:00

Fighting Your Allergies with Diet


Do you suffer from allergies? You’ve likely tried all of the medicine under the sun and maybe even avoided leaving the house on the days when allergies have got you feeling under the weather. What you may not have known is that sometimes your diet can actually improve your allergy situation. Eating certain foods actually can work as an all-natural treatment for allergy symptoms, just like seeing your chiropractor can help fight ailments that you would normally get a prescription for. Take a look at a few foods you may want to try next time you suffer from allergies and want [...]

Fighting Your Allergies with Diet2018-05-25T15:47:32-04:00

Improvement of Epileptic Patient following Upper Cervical Chiropractic care


Epilepsy starts in the brain and often results in seizures without the presence of other conditions. Typically epilepsy affects both males and females equally. In 2013 in the United States, 1% of individuals under the age of 17 (750,000) and 1.8% of adults over the age of 18 (4.3 million) were diagnosed with epilepsy. A recent survey revealed that more and more epileptic patients are seeking Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), with more than 20% receiving Chiropractic care. In this case study, a 22 year old female started Chiropractic care suffering with daily headaches and seizures typically occurring every 3 days. [...]

Improvement of Epileptic Patient following Upper Cervical Chiropractic care2018-05-16T17:30:33-04:00

Progress Displayed in Autistic Behaviours after Chiropractic Care


The neurodevelopmental disorder labelled as autism is defined by the atypical social interaction and communication where the individual uses repetitive behaviours and mannerisms. In New Zealand, about one in every one hundred people is affected by this disorder. The cause of this disorder is unidentified but some hypothesize that the main factors that play a role in autism are environmental, biological and genetic. Individuals with autism suffer from impairments in social interactions, both verbal and non-verbal communication and exhibit repetitive or reserved behavioural patterns during activities and interests. The first patient in this case study was a 20 year old autistic male who had [...]

Progress Displayed in Autistic Behaviours after Chiropractic Care2018-05-10T22:10:20-04:00

How to Prevent Neck Pain During Cycling


Getting pain from a cycling session can be frustrating. You are trying to improve your skill and you end up with neck pain, putting you out for the next cycling day. Neck pain from this sport is really common and is usually caused from weak muscles or poor posture. It’s not hard to overuse your muscles and injuring yourself. Sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing a better bike fit or changing your posture just slightly. You don’t have to give up your favorite hobby due to that neck pain you keep getting. Use this guide to determine what’s causing your [...]

How to Prevent Neck Pain During Cycling2018-05-02T18:00:26-04:00
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