Do you struggle with poor sleep? Whether you struggle to fall asleep, you wake up often, or you just can’t seem to get any sleep, any time of sleep dysfunction or insomnia can be detrimental to your health and daily life. That’s why many are seeking help from their Chiropractors after learning that chiropractic care can help with sleep issues. Take a look a closer look at different sleep issues, how chiropractic care can help, and how to set your night of sleep up for success.

Sleep disorders

It turns out at least half of North Americans and even more suffer from a sleep disorder but most don’t seek medical attention for their sleep problems. In addition, physicians often don’t ask patients about their sleep patterns, causing this to often go unchecked. The problem is that people need between 7 and 9 hours of deep, restorative sleep each night and often people get much less or even too much sleep.

Without proper sleep, your body can’t heal itself and rejuvenate for a new day, bringing you the proper energy you need to function. Inadequate sleep leads to things like mood disorders, weight gain, heart disease, and a shortened life expectancy.

If you go without proper sleep for a long time, you could end up with increased inflammation, a higher risk for cancer and diabetes, and impaired blood sugar balance. Since poor sleep inhibits leptin, your body struggles to feel full and you’ll be more prone to oversleep. You need sleep for hormone balance, waste removal, and rejuvenation.

Making better health decisions

In order to avoid or correct these sleep disorders, you need to start getting your health in check. Start by working on your nervous system since the brain and nervous system control the rest of the body. You can balance the autonomic nervous system, the area that includes all of the nerve roots connecting to your vital organs, by eating well, proper posture, deep breathing, exercise, and reducing stress. This will allow for sleep hormones to balance and for better function of the systems the nervous system controls including your heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure.

When you don’t keep things in balance in this area, you’ll end up with a misaligned spine and posture, difficulty resting, and issues with the body’s communication system needed to heal you. Fortunately chiropractic care can resolve this because your chiropractor can remove the interference you’re experiencing in your autonomic nervous system leading to balance sleep hormones. If you’re struggling with sleep issues, see your chiropractic for a spinal adjustment and to discuss your lifestyle habits that could be contributing to the problem.

Proper sleep scenario

In addition to a spinal adjustment, your Chiropractor will discuss with you how to optimize your bedtime routine to make sure you are allowing for the best sleep. For example, you’ll want to keep a routine so that you r body can get used to going to sleep and waking up at the same every day of the week. You’ll want to reduce caffeine early in the day to ensure you can fall asleep at night. You’ll also need to look at how comfortable your bed is and if you are keeping the room warm enough at night to be comfortable, somewhere between 60 and 69 degrees.

Next, you’ll want to make better choices during the day such as getting plenty of exercise and sunlight during the day, while taking a bath with Epsom salt at night before bed and quitting any screen time an hour before bed ensuring that the room is in total darkness during sleep. Keep pets out of the room if they bother you during sleep and turn off anything electrical to avoid their electromagnetic fields from disrupting your pineal gland during sleep. Make sure your nighttime routine is stress-free.

Fortunately Chiropractic care can resolve your sleep issues but it’s important to form better habits each day that will contribute to a better night’s sleep.