Chiropractic helps young child suffering from chronic constipation, daily vomiting and leg pains


If you or your child suffers from constipation and have tried traditional medical approaches without success, Chiropractic care can help. Constipation is defined as the difficulty or delays in defecation. It has been found to affect 30% of children between the ages 6-12 years old annually. The problem can first appear early at the ages of 2-4 years old and can last from several days to weeks. The causes of constipation can vary from a poor diet, lack of exercise, food allergies, spinal cord problems or irritable bowel syndrome. Other symptoms that may occur with constipation is painful defecations, small and [...]

Chiropractic helps young child suffering from chronic constipation, daily vomiting and leg pains2017-02-03T20:43:35-05:00

Breech births and C-Sections can leave negative imprints; chiropractic is safe for kids


When a baby presents in breech, and emergency C-sections are done - most of the time initial tests show "nothing is wrong".  Cymphany was brought in by her mother at 6 yrs old to proactively check her daughter's spine and posture - only to find out her nervous system wasn't functioning at 100%. Click and watch how safely we adjust kids - it takes less force than most adults, and she really enjoys it!

Breech births and C-Sections can leave negative imprints; chiropractic is safe for kids2016-08-26T12:48:20-04:00

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids


Here is another great news report on how Chiropractic can benefit children (click here to watch the news report). If you have questions, and your children are not being checked by a Chiropractor, ask us for more information.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids2015-11-16T18:41:08-05:00

Children Think Better On Their Feet


You've read the articles describing the dangers of sitting on adults. But how does sitting affect children? A study from the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health finds students with standing desks are more attentive than their seated counterparts. In fact, preliminary results show 12 percent greater on-task engagement in classrooms with standing desks, which equates to an extra seven minutes per hour of engaged instruction time. Credit: Texas A&M Health Science Center Standing desks - also known as stand-biased desks - are raised desks that have stools nearby, enabling students to sit or stand during [...]

Children Think Better On Their Feet2015-05-01T14:39:32-04:00

Chiropractic helps a 6 year old who suffered with headaches for 2 years.


A recent study described how a 6 year old boy benefited from Chiropractic care after suffering from headaches for 2 years. He sought Chiropractic care after receiving only minor relief from Ibuprofen. Headaches are surprisingly common in childhood and increases in frequency as children enter their teenage years. 37% to 51% in children younger than 7 years of age suffer from headaches, and the number of those suffering from headaches increases to 57% to 82% by age 15 years. Prior to puberty, boys are affected more frequently than girls, but following the onset of puberty, headaches occur more frequently in girls. This [...]

Chiropractic helps a 6 year old who suffered with headaches for 2 years.2014-12-17T20:48:10-05:00

Healthy Children – from day ONE – Liquid Lunch


Hi everyone, Join me in a chat about health, and being healthy from day ONE, the beginning. I wanted to address how kids can subluxate so easily - from the 'simple' stresses of learning to walk and more. Until next time, Dr Josh

Healthy Children – from day ONE – Liquid Lunch2011-01-28T10:23:26-05:00

Myths and Misunderstandings about “The healthiest kids”


"Why would I bring my children to a chiropractor when they don't have back problems?" "What does chiropractic have to with children's health?" "My child doesn't need to see a doctor, they are healthy." There are many misunderstandings and myths about health and chiropractic care, especially when it comes to  children.  One of the biggest myths about chiropractic is that chiropractic is for adults only.  However, millions of parents have discovered the truth about chiropractic and are bringing their children to chiropractors to improve their child's overall health and well-being. Many children suffer from hidden nerve interference. Spinal nerve stress can [...]

Myths and Misunderstandings about “The healthiest kids”2010-10-18T09:00:59-04:00

Bed Wetting – a solution!


Nocturnal Enuresis is the fancy medical term for bed-wetting during sleep.  Bed-wetting is very common among children and it's estimated that about 5 to 7 million children suffer from it. Medical doctors have struggled to find an answer to help these children. The American Family Physician recommends: 1. "An alarm system that signal when the bed gets wet." 2. "A reward system for dry nights." 3. "Asking your child to change the sheets." 4. "Having your child practice holding his or her urine for longer and longer times." This obviously doesn't correct the cause and is a feeble attempt at best. [...]

Bed Wetting – a solution!2010-10-15T08:00:01-04:00

Posture is the Window to…


In my latest interview, the topic was posture.  It's a simple but crucial topic for discussion - after being on holiday and having some vivid "people watching" time, it was apparent that kids these days, especially, are unaware of how poor posture will affect their future.  Being proactive about posture is one of the single most important actions one can take!  Enjoy! Dr J

Posture is the Window to…2010-07-27T07:09:51-04:00
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