Wellness Care Versus Short-Term Relief


When you’re in pain, unable to work well or enjoy your life, nothing else matters but getting well. During my thorough evaluation, I look for what issues in the spine could be problematic, creating dysfunction in the neuromusculoskeletal system. I enjoy offering hope and aid to patients with acute issues, marveling with you at what the body is capable of healing when the nervous system is clear.   You may wonder why I offer a wellness approach to care rather than a quick, get-out-of-pain plan.  I have great respect for how intricate and complex the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves are, working [...]

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What To Do When You Hit A Healing Plateau


A while back I shared with you my own struggles with a painful shoulder.  I’d been having decent success recovering when, out of the blue, I got an idea. You see, I’d met an RMT/Osteopath named Ryan P. when he became a member of my practice (so I worked on him first).  I knew he was downstairs at Sutherland Chan, but I was already seeing a few other therapists and for a little while, I was hesitant to reverse the doctor/patient relationship.  Alas, I decided around the holidays to go see him, "all in". I now find Ryan to be very [...]

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4 Anti-Inflammatory Food Swaps


Did you know that food allergies, digestive issues, and other inflammatory conditions can prevent you from burning fat and achieving the kind of health you want? Do you ever experience any of the following? *Difficulty falling asleep or sleep poorly *Hard time concentrating at points during the day *Achy joints *Sluggish energy *Seems hard to lose weight All could be symptoms of persistent inflammation.  And they are signs your immune system is reacting to a stressor.  Or it could be caused by a cocktail of emotional stress, medications, environmental pollutants, inadequate sleep or nutrition, and dehydration. One book I highly recommend [...]

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Backpain in teenage athlete solved


Deanna is 14 now - and was 5 years old when we first saw her. Her mom brought her in to check on her regular ear infections; and she has returned for the 4th time as a young adult, having made the decision herself

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A drugless life – the ongoing road to naturally better health Part 2


Back to Part 1 Part 2 - Disclaimer*** The author boldly shares about her mental health journey - it goes deep, it's personal, and the primary reason her identity is kept private.  Please enjoy her openness. Coping with Anxiety Being under regular chiropractic wellness care for the last 5 years, I like to think that I have a firm understanding of the different forms of stress (chemical-emotional-physical) and how they play a role in my overall health and well-being. I eat a fairly clean diet and exercise regularly, which, along with adjustments, help keep my mind clear and anxiety manageable.  However, [...]

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A drugless life – the ongoing road to naturally better health – Part 1


I’ve got a practice member. She’s pretty remarkable – remarkable as in life has thrown her a lot of trauma mentally, emotionally, physically, and chemically.  While she has struggled at many times to just make it through the day, she continues to come out on top, not succumb to a world of negativity and hopelessness, and sift through the diagnoses, prescriptions, suggestions and recommendations many have given her to come out SAFER and HEALTHIER, by avoiding the many substances that can mess with our ability to live a “normal” life. She has claimed chiropractic has saved her in many cases –I [...]

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