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Did you know that food allergies, digestive issues, and other inflammatory conditions can prevent you from burning fat and achieving the kind of health you want? Do you ever experience any of the following? *Difficulty falling asleep or sleep poorly *Hard time concentrating at points during the day *Achy joints *Sluggish energy *Seems hard to […]
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Back to Part 1 Part 2 – Disclaimer*** The author boldly shares about her mental health journey – it goes deep, it’s personal, and the primary reason her identity is kept private.  Please enjoy her openness. Coping with Anxiety Being under regular chiropractic wellness care for the last 5 years, I like to think that […]
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I’ve got a practice member. She’s pretty remarkable – remarkable as in life has thrown her a lot of trauma mentally, emotionally, physically, and chemically.  While she has struggled at many times to just make it through the day, she continues to come out on top, not succumb to a world of negativity and hopelessness, […]
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