The prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been on the rise for years and the disorder is now believed to be one of the most frequent neurobehavioural disorders that affect children. ADHD typically originates during childhood and the effects can be lifelong. This disorder affects males three times more frequently than females. Those who suffer from ADHD are also more inclined to develop conduct disorder, antisocial behaviour, and drug abuse. Children with ADHD are at an increased risk of burns, fractures, head trauma and food poisoning.

The treatment for this disorder is done with the use of drugs which are aimed to decrease symptoms while improving function and well-being. Although, there is heavy debate regarding whether or not the benefits of this treatment outweigh the potential negative side effects that arise from the use of these drugs. Various side effects involve growth rate reductions, increased blood pressure and heart rate, insomnia, reduced appetite which may lead to anorexia, upset stomach and dizziness. An alternative to using these drugs that are accompanied with these side effects can be chiropractic care.

The focal point in this case study was a male who is three and a half years of age with symptoms that are similar to ADHD. The patient had been experiencing episodes of anger, irritability and violence while been in school. He also had several incidents of falls, ear infections and respiratory viruses. After meeting with a Chiropractor, the young male child was diagnosed with a subluxation in the upper cervical segment of the spinal cord, lack of neuromuscular coordination and a functional leg length discrepancy.

The patient was scheduled to participate in Chiropractic care at a frequency of twice each month and would not be using any of the usually drug therapies for patients with ADHD. After only one month of the Chiropractic care and regular scans it was noted that the thermal scan results had seen positive improvements. The parents and teachers had also observed and explained that the child displayed better attention, energy levels and has done better in school. Chiropractic care has many positive benefits for patients with ADHD.

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