Allow myself to introduce, myself (yes, I still have a soft spot for our Canadian buddy Mike Meyer’s and Austin Powers).

As you guessed by my URL, I am Dr. Joshua Gelber, and I’m on a mission.  I am out to educate, inform, shift, and inspire as many people as possible about true, natural, and optimal health.

That's me!

As a chiropractor, I take my role very seriously to promote natural health, without laying negativity on my colleagues, or other professions.  I have a powerful belief system, nothing religious in nature, rather based on science, history, and experience.

I am entering my seventh year of chiropractic professional practice, and in that time have never lost my passion – it has only grown stronger, bigger, and I hold on to the notion that I have a greater purpose beyond where my two hands and voice can be heard.

You get to learn more about me as I blog along, the images and colour schemes you see here are my own – on the side I’m an avid nature/landscape photographer, and wanted to splash some of “me” onto my site.

I practice in Toronto, ON, Canada, in the corner of the Annex (that’s Bloor and Bathurst area for those not familiar).  I couldn’t imagine a better neighbourhood, but I love the whole city.

If you’ve reached me from out of city/province/country – it makes no difference to me, so welcome!