Are you and your physician considering having you undergo back surgery? It’s a huge decision that you wouldn’t take lightly, but for many it may seem like the only solution. There are actually around 600,000 back surgeries performed every year in North America, but some are beginning to question the need and effectiveness of them.

What are the most common back surgeries performed?

If there are so many back surgeries being performed annually, you may begin to wonder why. What surgeries are so common that everyone seems to need them at some point in their life? Are there other treatment options but many choose surgery anyway, or is surgery the only option?

The most common surgeries for the back are boiled down to four types. The first is a discectomy which is the removal of a portion of a herniated disc and the back of a vertebra, a surgery needed for common disc issues. The next would be a fusion which is going to connect two or more bones in your spine. Another is a laminectomy which removes the bone overlying the spinal canal. Lastly would be surgery to implant artificial disks.

How to decide on back surgery

Some of these surgeries could be related to lifestyle choices, making it one of the reasons that back surgery isn’t always necessary. For example, if you are overweight or sitting too often throughout the day, you may end up with disc issues that could have been prevented, but you could treat this by making better choices and getting the adjustments from a chiropractor.

Deciding on back surgery is a huge decision and you should take plenty of time to decide. Don’t rush into a back surgery decision; you should have all of the information first and time to think about it before going through with it.

If you ask the right questions and a get a second opinion, you’re on the right track of deciding on the surgery. You’ll want to know what the operation is, if it’s necessary, and what the risks and benefits are to such a procedure. It’s important to ask if there are other options that may be more conservative than the extreme of surgery.

Talk to another doctor since sometimes another doctor will tell you that they have another opinion about your condition. Your insurance company may actually require you to get a second opinion on a surgical procedure in order to use your insurance to cover it. Since it would be an electric surgery, you need to have a good reason to be doing it.

Are you willing to try a more natural and less invasive approach before agreeing to surgery? You may find that lifestyle changes and adjustments from your chiropractor over time can correct the problem which would save you from having to go through a surgery. These are the types of questions to ask yourself and your physicians before scheduling surgery.

Why some are finding a case against them

Some experts are starting to find that back surgery isn’t the answer. In fact failed surgeries are starting to become common, putting patients and their families through more than they bargained for. With back pain being one of the top reasons that patients call the doctor, spinal fusion procedures are increasing in a huge way in the last 15 years.

Fortunately, major names in healthcare are starting to point out that surgery isn’t always the best option, leading many people to take a pause before thinking surgery is the only answer.

In fact studies are showing that those with disc issues that get surgery end up unable to return to work within a couple of years while those that treat it without surgery are often more likely to return to work in the same timeframe. In addition, those that get surgery are often becoming addicted to their painkiller medicine.

While you may think surgery is the only answer, you may want to talk to your us about your back pain and avoid surgery altogether.  Your body will appreciate the natural approach and you’re more likely to see the results you want and in a more permanent capacity!