Time and Repetition can build us up or tear us down! We can let repeated stressors, postures and movements wear down our bodies. 


We can harness the power of Time and Repetition with positive action, like getting adjusted regularly, eating well daily, practicing self-care and exercising/moving often. 

Let’s dig into some frequently asked questions about chiropractic care and how this regular wellness care can serve you and your family!

Can I get results from one adjustment?

If we had a magic adjustment, there’d be a line down the street of folks coming to get it! Some people do feel an immediate sense of release…others don’t. Healing goes much deeper into the body’s own ability to recover and the time it took to get to “now”. 

now that if it takes time for stress to accumulate in the body, then it will take time to repair. 

Realistically, if we’re changing the habits and patterns that led to subluxation and discomfort, 

then each day and adjustment are ultimately leading us towards a healthier life. 

This is why we use cause-focused care to get to the source of what’s blocking your nerve flow and expression of life!

What is cause-focused chiropractic care?

We focus on the origin of stress in the body and the resultant subluxations, not just symptoms. We use multiple testing methods to evaluate you and identify these subluxations.

You may already know that an injured area can be warmer when inflamed, but did you know we can use that information to identify subluxation? Our INSiGHT scanning system utilizes infrared thermography, along with heart rate variability and surface spinal electromyography to evaluate your nerve function and progress. 

X-rays paint a clear picture of where your bones are misaligned and what direction and vector they need to be adjusted.  

Posture and balance assessments and a hands-on exam all give a wealth of information that a chiropractor is specifically trained to use for your chiropractic adjustments. (Learn more in our post about Chiropractic Facts.)

How do you determine what care plan is best for me?

We’d all like an answer to how many times we’ll have to go to the gym for the desired result, right? However, it depends both on the consistency of the workout and how your own unique body adapts. 

Chiropractic care plans can be like that as well. We use all of the information we listed above and then take into consideration your unique level of alignment or degeneration. 

We make a plan for a certain number of weeks or months and then, we have to see how your body responds, adapting accordingly.

Once you’ve been under care for a while, it becomes much easier to look back at your chiropractic history and see what level of consistency is needed for your body. For example, we see this with students who are in town for only the school year, but who have been under regular care previously.

Why should my family get maintenance or wellness care?

Getting adjusted protects the nervous system against ongoing stressors. This gives you the optimal potential to feel well and function well!

We can’t eliminate all the physical, chemical and mental stressors of life. But we can give our bodies the support that they need, with time and repetition.

You have the power to choose how much energy and attention you give to your health. Whether it’s choosing a healthy diet, following a fitness protocol, or getting adjusted. You don’t have to do any of those things, but the positive consequences for your quality of life can be truly amazing with them.

We tell our patients, “You can be here as long as you want. If you want to keep going, we’re here to help.”

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