“Chiropractic won’t work for me.”

“I got adjusted, and it didn’t do any good.”

Our mindsets play a big role in our health. 

We may come to a doctor, or even a gym or nutritionist with certain expectations. You may anticipate certain results if you’ve been referred or have heard great things about a particular field, such as chiropractic. 

Or maybe your mindset is rooted in desperation and exhaustion. If you’re at the end of your rope, then you’re tired of dealing with symptoms – you need relief and you need it yesterday!

Whatever the case may be, often we approach our health with a desire for a quick fix. And this is normal. 

Let’s dig into the mindsets and misconceptions that may come before someone says, “Chiropractic doesn’t work for me.” 

Timing: Do You Want to Feel Better FAST?  

Have you ever taken a pain medication and counted the minutes until you felt its effect? Hopefully, we all understand that the painkiller is not actually speeding up healing but reducing our ability to feel it by blocking pain receptors. However, sometimes we are in a state of needing that fast relief! 

The sixth principle of chiropractic states that all processes, including healing, require time. If you have spent 20 years with poor posture and repeated movements causing microtraumas, then it will likely take time to correct.

It’s important to understand that chiropractic care is about identifying and correcting the cause of nervous system dysfunction, not directly treating ANY symptoms. 

The nervous system communicates how and where the body should heal. Healing is not linear but can have ups and downs, plateaus, twists, and turns before you reach a desired result. (It can also go much FASTER than you expect when communication is improved!)

Repetition: Is one workout enough for big biceps? 

No one comes home from one workout, looks in the mirror and thinks they’re done working out for the rest of their lifetime. (At least, we hope not!) And yet often, people have the misconception that they can be adjusted once and then carry on with their stress-filled lives.

We are disrupting the current pattern of dysfunction in the nervous system and we want to create a new default! This usually requires repetition and consistency. 

Are you doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

Sometimes, what is required is a different approach! This could include changing the frequency of your adjustments as per your chiropractor’s recommendation. If you are in an acute situation, being checked and adjusted once per month may not be sufficient to change the momentum towards healing. 

Or perhaps you are in need of a change in the style of adjustment. This is why I do thorough evaluations, often with X-rays and thermal scans, as well as postural analysis and hands-on examination. 

I want to use the technique that will best serve you to correct vertebral subluxations. This gives me insight into WHERE and HOW to adjust you as well. 

Amo’s Chiropractic Testimonial

“Dr. Josh Gelber has been, in some cases, more committed to my health than me. Dr. Josh is a true believer in his profession but not because he read about it in a book. He is helping people live a healthier, better, more fulfilling life… without the use of drugs! And all he has to do is show up to work.

“Seven years ago, Dr. Josh was able to treat my sciatic!

“I know people who are living with this pain for years now because they refuse chiropractic care. My sciatica came and was gone in less than 6 MONTHS! It would hurt to sit for to long, there was no such thing as a comfortable chair! I could not find a comfortable position to sleep. I would sleep in 2- 3 hour increments. 

“I could not even wait to stand up because sooner or later, I was going to shift my weight from one leg to the other, and when I rested on my leg with the sciatic, before long, I would lose feeling in my foot. That sensation would make its way up my leg past my knee to my thigh if I did not shift my weight or start walking soon. 

“I cannot thank Dr. Josh enough for his chiropractic clinic and his devotion to his clientele whom are becoming his friends.

Thank you Dr Josh for giving me my life back!

I am going to ride my bicycle with my kids now.” 

Google Review by Amo V.


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