Cautionary tale today.

A “chemical revolution” over the past 50 years has polluted nearly every aspect of our lives.

The truth is we still have much to learn about the long term health risks this poses. But research has shown that every single one of us carries synthetic chemicals in our body. And it’s estimated the average person is exposed to 200 chemical toxins a day.

Bill Moyer, author of the Moyer report, was tested for chemical toxins in his blood and urine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. They found 84 different hazardous chemicals, including some that’ve been banned for over a quarter of a century!

According to scientists, results like these aren’t uncommon.

One study found mothers now transmit drug-resistant salmonella infections to their children through their breast milk.  To put that in perspective, by law you could not bring that breast milk across the Canada-US border in any other container!

Bottom line:

Chemicals are one of the most common causes of subluxations.

And worse, there’s no “escape”.

Chemicals are found in the air, soil, water, food, homes, plants…even pets.

And they’re a direct poison to our body’s nervous system.

Everything we put in or on our body…what we eat, drink, breathe, place on our skin…or are exposed to in our environment that is synthetic…may have a negative consequence to our health or nerve transmission.  Just more reasons to have your nervous system checked (and your families’) so it’s given a chance to fight back and prevent damaging health consequences.

I don’t mean to be bleak about this!

(You know that’s not my style.)

I’m simply planting some seeds to encourage you to be more proactive.

Don’t stand idly by:

Improving your diet, exercising more, regular chiropractic care, and educating yourself about what food, personal care products, and home cleaning products to avoid – all will make a positive difference to your health, and the health of your family.

Sincerely In Health,

Dr. Josh

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