Achy Joints

83-Yr-Old Gets Her Groove Back


Meet my patient Doreen. We started working together when she was 82, after we met at a retired persons association meeting where I’d given a talk. Like most people her age, she had several health concerns.  But with regular adjustments she soon found herself with an extra spring in her step.  Most notably, the stiff neck she’d suffered with for years had regained almost full range of motion. Watch this brief video to hear Doreen tell the story in her own words: Here’s what I love about this… Her body, at her age, still has the power to heal! Over [...]

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How would YOU help these people?


Take a minute and look at the picture below.                 Now let me ask you a question: How would you help these people? The man covering his ears probably can’t hear that well, would you give him a hearing aid? Should the woman in the middle get glasses? What about the man on the right?  A microphone?  Maybe some meds? What drugs would you prescribe for these folks to help them hear, see and speak? You’re right. These are ridiculous suggestions to fix obvious problems. If they’d just remove the interference (i.e. their hands [...]

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Why You Should NOT See A Chiropractor For Back Pain


In 1927, R. W. Stephenson wrote The Chiropractic Text Book. This text included the entire learning program, from freshman to senior year, for chiropractic study.  Since back and neck pain are the two most common reasons people choose chiropractic, how many times do you think back pain would be found in the index? Keep in mind this is the complete chiropractic text at over 414 pages long. What’s your guess? 50 times? 100? Every page? The answer is [drum roll please]… Not even ONCE. And the reason it's not listed is because chiropractic was founded on principles of healing and well-being, [...]

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#1 Biggest Myth Re: Workouts & Low Back Pain


Did you know that working your core might be making your low back pain worse? Continuing with the fitness theme, I’m covering a very common misconception today.  So many people have heard that to prevent low back pain you need to strengthen your core.  And while it is true that a strong core helps support your back, if you have either acute or chronic low back pain… …There’s almost certainly more to the story. What matters is what’s causing the pain in the first place! I’ll circle back to that in a moment. One way the “do more core” advice is [...]

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4 Anti-Inflammatory Food Swaps


Did you know that food allergies, digestive issues, and other inflammatory conditions can prevent you from burning fat and achieving the kind of health you want?   Do you ever experience any of the following? *Difficulty falling asleep or sleep poorly *Hard time concentrating at points during the day *Achy joints *Sluggish energy *Seems hard to lose weight   All could be symptoms of persistent inflammation.  And they are signs your immune system is reacting to a stressor.  Or it could be caused by a cocktail of emotional stress, medications, environmental pollutants, inadequate sleep or nutrition, and dehydration. One book I [...]

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Are achy joints just a fact of aging?


Hi everyone! This week I'm sharing some Q&A from daily patient interactions - the top questions I get about joints and aging:   QUESTION: I find as I’m getting older, my joints are getting achier.  Is this just a fact of aging, or is there something I can do about it? A: Actually my answer might surprise you. A lot of the typical aches and pains we gripe about as we get older are due to (a) wear and tear, and (b) a slow buildup of chronic low-grade inflammation.  And this CAN be controlled with good nutrition, supplementation, and fixing muscle [...]

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