Meet my patient Doreen.

We started working together when she was 82, after we met at a retired persons association meeting where I’d given a talk.

Like most people her age, she had several health concerns.  But with regular adjustments she soon found herself with an extra spring in her step.  Most notably, the stiff neck she’d suffered with for years had regained almost full range of motion.

Watch this brief video to hear Doreen tell the story in her own words:

Here’s what I love about this…

Her body, at her age, still has the power to heal!

Over the years I’ve had many success stories like her, folks who started in their late 70’s or 80’s.  It doesn’t surprise me any more how well and how quickly they respond to care.  For further proof, an article published in the Chicago Tribune in 2000 noted that using both chiropractors and medical doctors as primary care physicians resulted in the following benefits to the patient:

*An 80% reduction in hospitalizations in two years

*An 85% reduction in outpatient surgeries

*A 56% reduction in pharmaceutical drug usage

A Rand Corporation study conducted in the early 90’s found:

“Elderly chiropractic patients report better overall health, have fewer chronic conditions, spend fewer days in nursing homes and hospitals, are more mobile in their communities and are more likely to report strenuous levels of exercise than their non-chiropractic counterparts.”

Let that sink in.

Imagine what it implies for an elderly person’s day to day experience.

Bottom line:

I can think of few things more rewarding than helping someone get back quality years in their life.  I’ve even had the recent pleasure of starting care with Mary, and at 83 in just a couple of adjustments, found her strength returning to her right leg; we were both pleasantly surprised, given that her neuromechanical status (doctor talk for nervous system within her spine) was even worse than Doreen’s.

With that in mind, who do you know with that many candles on their most recent birthday cake?

Maybe it’s a parent or a grandparent even.  Perhaps they need the gift of “an opportunity”… It’s literally the best thing you could do for them.  Contact us if you’d like to schedule something.

Anyway, hope this message finds you well.

If there’s anything else I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Sincerely In Health,

Dr. Josh