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Did Marilyn Monroe Have A Bad Back?


Here’s an interesting fact for you: The one-and-only Marilyn Monroe developed her signature walk by hacking off the heel of one shoe.  I hear something like that and my chiropractor’s brain instantly thinks “compensation pattern”. What do I mean? Well, by changing the length of one leg, Monroe would set up a movement pattern that, if she continued it long enough, could only hurt the delicate musculoskeletal balance in her body.  She died young, at age 36. But I’d guess that if she’d lived longer, and kept walking that way, she’d have ended up with a bad back.  And that would [...]

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Why is your Achilles Causing You Pain?


Are you suffering from pain in your Achilles? This could be because you engage in physical activities like sports or physical labor in your line of work that requires repetitive motion in the ankle. Repetitive motions could be endurance activities like running or biking in which you are overusing the Achilles tendon, jumping in Volleyball or Basketball, and even occupations that require constant standing; ladies, too much time in 2.5 inch or more heeled shoes can be a culprit as well. Understanding the Achilles Your Achilles tendon is found in the calf area (lower leg) made up of two muscles called [...]

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Injury Prevention Guidelines for Runners


Some Background After 3 half-marathons in the span of 1.5 years (2006-2007), I felt accomplished.  I had a great running partner, we pushed each other, and it was fun!  Circumstances led to a friendship ending and I was left without the same motivation to run consistently. Fast forward almost 3 years, and I was in search of an anchor/some help to keep up the runs that I always enjoyed, but found difficult to progress with.  Insert medieval trumpet announcement here - through some friendly conversations The Running Room (High Park) presented itself! I ran IN clinics for a few years before being [...]

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Create a Stronger Back for Better Healing


Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get through a day without experiencing some lower back pain? This is a common problem in America with millions of people suffering from the same pains. With so many of these people visiting their physician to correct the problem, it’s often discovered that leading a sedentary life is the root cause. While this is not always the case and sometimes the pain varies from one patient to another, a sedentary lifestyle that incorporated unexpected activity or improper back use will very likely harm the lower back. Instead, you can use these tips to strength [...]

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Is Tech Neck Avoidable in Today’s World?


Did you know, the average American spends more than 9 hours a day staring at some type of screen? It could be a smartphone, TV or computer, but most Americans are spending more than a normal full-time shift at work staring at a screen. Even young children don't avoid this as they spend at least two hours staring at screens and that number only increased as they get older. How Screen Staring Impacts Your Spine As you're staring down at your phone, tablet or computer, you are putting more weight on the cervical spine. The average human head weighs 12 pounds. [...]

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Running Club off to a great start


I've decided to keep a running log of my running, well, log! Last Thursday, Jan 5th 2011, marked my first coaching session as a clinic instructor with Running Room Canada.  I've got a class of 20 inspired runners of various skill levels, with a goal of completing a 10-kilometre "Race", or improving on their times from previous 10km races. It feels great to coach in a new environment outside of my clinic, and I get inspired by other people's running improvements and accomplishments! We run 6km 3 in a row this week, and next week the distance begins to build slightly. [...]

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