Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get through a day without experiencing some lower back pain? This is a common problem in America with millions of people suffering from the same pains. With so many of these people visiting their physician to correct the problem, it’s often discovered that leading a sedentary life is the root cause.

While this is not always the case and sometimes the pain varies from one patient to another, a sedentary lifestyle that incorporated unexpected activity or improper back use will very likely harm the lower back. Instead, you can use these tips to strength the back and heal your back naturally.

Strengthening with core exercises

You can use a few specific exercises to strengthen your lower back. These exercises pinpoint the area and strengthen the muscles so that when you go to use your lower back, it’s already prepared for the movement or pressure it may experience. You can discuss these exercises with your doctor to see if they are right for you before using them.

One exercise that you can try or strengthening the region is a pelvic tilt that you’ll do while lying on your back. First bring your knees pointing up with your feet close to your hips and begin rotating the pelvic and tailbone downward while tightening the muscles in the lower back.

Keep your arms down at your side while you do this and try to rotate your pelvis to the opposite direction while slowly using your legs to life the tailbone and lower back off the ground. Tighten your muscles while your lower back and hips are off the ground and the hold the position for a few seconds before releasing and repeating. You’ll be supported by your legs, arms, and shoulders when these target areas are off the floor.

You can also try the kneeling extension exercise which has you on your hands and knees and lifting your leg straight out for a 10 second hold before repeating. This is a great way to strength the lower back and gluteus muscles so that this region can be more supported.

Lastly, try the half-lifted standing fold in which you’ll stretch the hamstrings while strengthening the lower back. Make sure you’ve allowed your core to be strengthened before trying this one. Stand tall with your knees slightly bent and bend forward so that the body is at a 90 degree angle. You can rest your hands on your thighs but make sure you keep the head lifted and the back muscles tightened. Then release by folding all the way over.

Why is the back so vulnerable to injury?

Anyone that has experienced pain for more than a month of time knows that something is not right in the back. You’re likely to be making a phone call to the doctor or a chiropractor to see if there is a simple treatment that can handle the problem and hoping that it isn’t going to involve prescription drugs or more invasive treatment. It’s so common to end up as one of these back sufferers since in the US, people tend to work at desks for long periods of time during the day and don’t always make a point to move away from the desk or incorporate fitness into their lives.

Being one of the most complicated areas of the body when it comes to the combined structure of your bones, nerves, muscles, and ligaments that are all in the largest part of the body, it makes sense that it’s prone to take a beating harder than other areas may.

This is also due to the fact that your body puts so much of its weight on the lower back causing it to experience the most wear and tear. Even though it may seem that physical activity is most likely to harm the area, it’s actually the sedentary lifestyle in which you keep it in an unhealthy position all day. You could end up with disc regeneration and even obesity if your lower back’s musculoskeletal system is worn down.

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, it’s time to focus on strengthening this area and making some lifestyle changes. Make sure to give this part of the body more love and attention going forward knowing how vital it is to your overall wellbeing.