Have you considered chiropractic care for your child? You may think, “My child seems fine. Why would they need it?”  

Pediatric chiropractic care can significantly benefit a child’s health, development, and overall quality of life. While children may not experience the accumulated stress of adulthood, childhood is a crucial period for neurological development. And let’s face it: children are prone to getting hurt as they climb, run, and hurl themselves from all available surfaces! 

Understanding Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments

Children’s bodies are usually more flexible than adults, and they often can be adjusted easily, experiencing minimal pressure without twisting, cracking, or popping. I utilize gentle techniques, which may include using my fingertips or instrument adjustments. These adjustments aim to correct misalignments, promoting optimal nervous system function.

Physical, emotional, and chemical stressors impact kids, influencing their nervous system. This can start as early as birth! 

A 1987 study by Dr. Godfrey Gutmann found that over 80% of newborns experienced trauma to their cervical spine during birth. Pediatric chiropractic checks ensure early detection and correction of subluxations, supporting children’s optimal growth and development. 

When a Child Might Need Chiropractic Care 

There are a multitude of reasons a child would benefit from chiropractic care! Here are some examples, although this list is by no means exhaustive. 

  • Postural Changes – Poor posture, like forward head posture, can impact the upper back and neck, stressing the spine, causing nerve compression, and affecting organ function. This is especially important to address in our culture of hours spent hunched over, staring down at technology.
  • Aches & Pains – Growing pains can be an issue for children as their body tries to adapt to rapid development. Heavy backpacks can contribute to postural issues and discomfort, especially in the upper back and neck.
  • Headaches – Adults aren’t the only ones to suffer from headaches. If your child complains of headaches, it may signal underlying issues from tension, overuse of screens, dehydration, or subluxations.
  • Tumbles & Traumas –  Children often experience bumps and tumbles that can affect spinal alignment. Additionally, children in sports may have athletic injuries. Regular adjustments can help correct any neuromusculoskeletal issues and improve brain-body coordination and balance to reduce the risk of future injuries
  • Colic & Fussiness in Babies – The nervous system helps regulate the digestive system, and colic and fussiness indicate dysfunction. Chiropractic can be beneficial in fostering a “rest and digest” nervous system state. Frequently, after a gentle adjustment, parents say their baby is no longer constipated and/or takes a long, peaceful nap. 
  • Sleep Issues – Adjustments support the parasympathetic response, potentially aiding in better sleep. This can help bring relief to children and teens with disrupted sleep patterns.

Potential Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustment:

Children’s nervous systems are constantly growing and developing along with the rest of their bodies. Chiropractic care focuses on improving this crucial nervous system function! 

Your child could experience enhanced focus, better sleep, improved digestion, coordination, and posture, all from chiropractic care. Potential issues are addressed before they become major concerns, giving your child a headstart on a life of good health and well-being.

When you schedule a check-up with a chiropractor, be sure to find one specifically trained in pediatric chiropractic. With years of experience working with children, we would love to help your child to grow, develop, and thrive at their full potential!

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