Allow me tell you a quick personal story.

On Valentine’s Sunday, my son Hayden made a trip to the hospital for a few chin stitches, after a run-in with a pole during tobogganing.
Now don’t worry – Hayden is ok, and enjoying the return to school almost as much as his exhausted parents! Aside from a big band-aid altering his jaw opening “comfort”, he was himself again just a few hours later. (Kids bounce back so fast, don’t they?)

But when the dust finally settled after our hectic day, my chiropractor’s brain finished connecting a few dots…and it prompted this note. 😉
You see, accidents happen. And some form of physical trauma is the most common cause of subluxations. (Subluxations are misalignments of the spinal vertebrae. They result from the body’s inability to adapt to various forms of physical, chemical, and emotional stress. And they leave us in a state of interference, effectively blocking signals flowing from the brain.)

Think about it:

A little chin bump translates to minor head trauma. And the knock-on effects of this whiplash motion could even be a slight concussion. This is why it’s ALWAYS a good idea to “check the neck”, and the rest of the spine after any spills, tumbles, or collisions, whether they appear to be significant or not.

In another example, one patient’s 8-year-old fell awkwardly while skating. The next day, she complained of pain in her low back and in the back of her leg. Upon closer inspection, the fall had jarred her hips out of alignment leading to the nerve symptoms she’d described. Point being, you can never be too careful. Misalignments like these can lead to worse problems down the road if they’re not addressed. And the effects of an impact like this could be felt years after the event itself is forgotten.

If you’ve never had your child’s spine assessed (or if it’s been a while since you’ve ‘checked in’ with me yourself), I recommend this both as a practitioner, and as a parent. Even if it was just for the peace of mind of knowing he or she has no real issues of concern going on there.
(I know I’ll be keeping a close eye on Hayden as he recovers!)

We continue to operate and follow all the latest health and safety measures as outlined by Public Health, so it’s safe for you to visit. If you have any questions about this, hit reply and let us know!

Anyway, that’s all for this one.

I hope my little cautionary tale provides some useful context for WHY the state of your spine and nervous system are so integral to your health…and what you can do about it.

Until next time,

Stay safe!

Dr. Josh