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This Made Me Think Of You


Allow me tell you a quick personal story. On Valentine’s Sunday, my son Hayden made a trip to the hospital for a few chin stitches, after a run-in with a pole during tobogganing. Now don’t worry – Hayden is ok, and enjoying the return to school almost as much as his exhausted parents! Aside from a big band-aid altering his jaw opening “comfort”, he was himself again just a few hours later. (Kids bounce back so fast, don’t they?) But when the dust finally settled after our hectic day, my chiropractor’s brain finished connecting a few dots…and it prompted this note. [...]

This Made Me Think Of You2021-02-17T20:03:26-05:00

Meet The Accustim: A New Tool For “Wow” Adjustments


Say hello to my little friend! (I couldn’t resist the reference!) The Accustim is a new adjusting tool I’ve recently added to my toolbox. I’ve already received MANY positive comments on its results and two patients have coined it the “woodpecker”. 😊 What’s it all about? Glad you asked. This simple device uses a series of tiny thrusts to help us chiropractors produce “wow” adjustments and potentially huge improvements in range of motion. And since it feels almost somewhat like a massage, it’s perfect for patients who find traditional adjustments too forceful…it jives with my “gentle” approach…AND it allows me to easily modulate [...]

Meet The Accustim: A New Tool For “Wow” Adjustments2020-09-22T13:19:37-04:00

How To Motivate Yourself To Do Something Difficult


Change of pace today.  Here’s a quick “life hack” you might find useful. According to a recent article in Fast Company, if you ever find yourself faced with a boring, difficult, or time-consuming task, don’t tell yourself “I’ll do it later”. Instead, build up in your head that it WILL be difficult, and you’ll probably hate it. You might just find yourself scrambling to get it over with. Why? This idea has its roots in a joint study between the University of British Columbia and Princeton.  Researchers found that anticipating positive experiences contains both happy emotions (e.g. savouring the thought) and unhappy ones (e.g. waiting [...]

How To Motivate Yourself To Do Something Difficult2020-09-02T21:39:45-04:00

We Can’t Let Fear Win


Here’s an interesting fact for you. Did you know that multiple studies show gastrointestinal (GI) issues are one of the hallmarks of autism? In 2012, researchers at the National Institute of Health noted that 92% of children with autism show GI distress.  The CDC estimates that children with autism are 3.5 times more likely to suffer chronic constipation or diarrhea. It’s been proposed that the link is due to pathogenic gut bacteria. These tend to overgrow (and overpower) the good gut bacteria. In one study, UWO researcher Dr.MacFabe was able to produce autism-like symptoms in rats by injecting them with a fatty acid produced [...]

We Can’t Let Fear Win2020-08-18T21:38:28-04:00

Mechanist or Vitalist? (Find Out What Works For Better Health)


When you understand this key difference, it’ll empower you to make clearer choices for your health. What is it? The mechanistic vs. the vitalistic approach to healing. Typically medical doctors are mechanists.  They view the body as a sort of biological ‘machine’ with a series of parts, each requiring their own attention.  A cardiologist looks after your heart.  A neurologist looks after your nervous system.  A gastroenterologist deals with the digestive system.  And so on and so forth. A typical (but thankfully not always) medical intervention can involve drugs or surgery to repair, or even remove a ‘faulty’ part.  While there [...]

Mechanist or Vitalist? (Find Out What Works For Better Health)2020-06-30T17:41:36-04:00

Why I Chose My Primary Adjusting Technique


Here’s a little back story on how I came to do adjustments the Dr. Josh signature way: My preferred method is known as the Thompson Drop-Table Technique. Basically, while the patient is lying face down, the cushions on the table drop slightly when a thrust is applied to the spine.  I find subluxations, weak/stress points, distressed areas, and where to adjust you by checking (and comparing) leg length. I’ve honed this technique for the better part of my career.  More recently though, I’ve reintroduced a few spare techniques and tools when we aren’t achieving the best results – and it may involve a [...]

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Headaches: Common But Not Normal


With the weather getting warmer (thank you!), migraine sufferers especially might notice an uptick in the frequency of their migraines. But headaches affect almost everyone at some point.  Rare for some, constant for others. Those of you who’ve had tremendous relief and remission from headaches can attest to the suffering you used to have. Let’s take a brief look at a few reasons for this. Tension headaches: They're by far the most common type of headache, and they’re often connected with muscle tension in the neck.  Sedentary living, excess sitting, and more time spent hunched over a computer or phone are all possible [...]

Headaches: Common But Not Normal2020-06-02T14:21:29-04:00

Warren Buffet’s #1 Habit For Success (And Mine)


As we cross off the last remaining days on this year’s calendar, I’m already in planning mode for 2020. I like to take time to pause and reflect. And set goals. Do you do something similar? In support of your goals for the New Year, whatever they may be, I thought I’d share this interesting quote from one of the richest men on the planet, Warren Buffet: ==== “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” ==== The “Oracle of Omaha” has spoken. Present day is less about finding opportunities [...]

Warren Buffet’s #1 Habit For Success (And Mine)2019-12-17T15:44:53-05:00

“Little” Health Devils That Hide In The Details


Ok, so it’s been a tough few weeks.  I'm clear and aware I'm sharing this week from a passionate and emotional headspace, but on the mark based on so many conversations I have with people. As I’ve been dealing with the dire scenario of my mother-in-law’s illness and passing, I can’t help but be even more preoccupied than usual with thoughts about how to prevent this for all of us, and curious about health and habits.   That last one is truly in my head space right now. It’s all the lifestyle things we sometimes ignore that can lead to “dis-ease” [...]

“Little” Health Devils That Hide In The Details2019-04-18T11:30:57-04:00

A drugless life – the ongoing road to naturally better health Part 4


Back to Part 3 Striking a balance As a woman, there are certain symptoms that the medical community will tell you are “normal.” We are brought up to believe that monthly menstrual pain and the other less than comfortable and emotional “joys” that go along with it, are simply a fact of life if you are a woman. There’s even a biblical fable taught to children in religious school to justify it. When I first got my period as a teenager, I was not prepared for the severe cramping, back and leg pain and nausea that would greet me every month. [...]

A drugless life – the ongoing road to naturally better health Part 42016-10-25T22:20:20-04:00
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